You should purchase a moderate sized, any color, three ring binder for use at Young Leaders. Each of the following sections should be separated by a tab. Many of the documents are color coded so color copies are preferable, also you can print them double sided. If you also want to download the Document Pack onto you phone or tablet for easy referenceable. However you must print the handbook and keep it in your binder at all times.

In that binder, please place all of the following materials:

The 2017 Document Packet contains all the laws, caselaw, official government documents and department regulations you will need in order to be a successful citizen at Young Leaders. When you are receive your attendance confirmation you will be assigned to be a citizen in one of the states in the simulation. Your states and the federal documents will be sent to you for download and addition to your folder.

If you have any questions regarding the Simulation, States and other aspects of the camps simulated governments, email the Simulation Director Brian McKinley

Please direct any real world camp issues to the Camp Director Stephan Price,