Design.Code.Play 2016-2017 Semester 1

Game  /  App Design Document

Project Developers:  A-L Flynn, EAP SS teacher

Tentative Project Title: Gaming and SS and ELD

Overall Vision for the Game:  The game will help students to develop their understanding of SS7 content  (location and shape of continents, inner layers of the earth, also can be adapted for social studies content of any unit throughout the year ) while helping them to practice grammar skills  connected to Intermediate ELD level, such as verb tenses: simple present, simple past, present perfect.

Target Audience: Gr. 7 EAL SS students.  Game is for casual players.

Engine / Language:  Scratch ?

Platform:  Online ?

Genre: puzzle

Storyline / Core Gameplay:  Describe your project using words and diagrams (flow-charts or storyboards)  You should refer to some of the following concepts: GAME design EAP SS7.png

  • Core game mechanics: What is the player doing in the game? For example, running, jumping, racing, counting, puzzle solving, or exploring. Is the game single player or multiplayer? Cooperative or competitive?

i. The  player is keeping  a sprite afloat  on a piece of the earth’s crust by answering grammar questions correctly.

ii.The player is moving pieces of pangea into their correct position.

The player  sees  a sprite   placed on a  specific piece  of  the earth’s crust  which has the shape of a modern continent  and which is floating  on the hot, molten lava below  the earth’s crust,  like in the time of pangea. The player must not get  a wrong  (grammar) answer and fall into the molten lava and get all burned up.  Ouch!

The player answers grammar questions. The player has to  select  the correct answer out of a choice of three each time. Only one answer will be correct.  The text of the grammar question  will  use gr. 7 social studies  continent. There can be several versions, related to the SS unit at the time of year. (ex. Mapping skills, Movement, Cities, UNESCO World Heritage sites….)

If correct answer provided, the player  has the opportunity to reposition the continent piece, in the appropriate location.

N.b. It is conceivable and desirable that students be involved in creating the grammar questions and answer options, incorporating the SS vocabulary  + content of the unit they are studying or have just completed, etc.  Early in the year, however, the teacher could create the first game opportunity (?)  

A platform such as could feed teacher-provided content and vocabulary into their operational system, which would generate the grammar questions.

Goals: What is the player trying to accomplish in the game? What does he or she have to do to achieve that goal? What barriers or obstacles exist that make achieving that goal difficult? How can the player fail at achieving the goal(s)? What kind of feedback does the player get on progress towards the goal? How is the player rewarded when a goal is achieved?

The player  is trying to get the continents pasted in the right spot on the world map. If the player answers the grammar question correctly,  the player has the opportunity to move the continent piece  the sprite is floating on, to the correct position on the flat map which has coordinates 0 latitude, 0 longitude in the center.  

N.B. It is also conceivable to have different sequences of the game: the world map with  a particular location of Asia placed in the  center;  the world map with the Americas placed in the middle…...


  1. Wrong grammar answer chosen = continent piece tops sprite over into molten lava. Immediate disintegration. Ouch.
  2. Grammar answer selection correct, but continent positioning incorrect =  same fate = fall into molten lava. Ouch.  

Feedback =  

  1. Correct grammar answer = player receives happy face notification.
  2. Player instructed to move continent piece.  (mechanics of this are?)
  3. Continent moved correctly =player receives happy face notification
  4. Then new screen appears, sprite now on a different piece of floating crust (modern continent shapes floating on molten lava, but minus the continent that has been repositioned successfully)

Once all continents have been placed in the correct position, the player has won the game. The molten lava stops bubbling.  The sprite jumps up and down in glee.

Components: What kinds of things are there in the game? For example, enemies, objects in the environment, power-ups, points, etc. What do they look like? What do they do? How can the player interact with them?

There are pieces of the earth’s crust in the form of modern continents. The sprite is atop one piece at a time.

There is molten lava bubbling up in the spaces  that are not covered by the floating continent shapes.

  • Controls: How does the player control what happens in the game? What does pushing a certain button on the controller do? Can the player move a block by touching the screen and dragging it?

The player has two things to do:

  1. Answer grammar questions correctly by selecting one answer out of three options.
  2. Move continent pieces into the correct position on the world map. This van be done by touching the screen and dragging the continent piece.
  • User experience: When the player starts to play the game, what steps do they follow? What screens will they see? How are levels in the game structured? How does the player move from one part of the game to the next?
  1. The player sees one screen with molten lava everywhere except for the spaces covered by shapes of modern continents, floating upon the lava. The player sees a sprite jumping up and down on one of the continent shapes, which are floating, so not stationary.  
  2. The player answers a grammar question.
  3. If the answer is correct, the player is offered the opportunity to place the continent which has the sprite on it, to the correct position on the world map. Map #1 has a Europe centered map (coordinates 0-0 in the center).
  4. NEXT LEVEL: Map #2 uses an Asia centered map.
  5. NEXT LEVEL: Map #3 uses an Americas centered map.

Visual Style:  Describe the look and feel of the game.  What art is used?  What world are we in (real, fantasy, space, etc.)?  Is the world 2D or 3D?  Include drawings and graphics to illustrate the visual concept.  All 3D, world is fantasy. Need shapes of continents as in Pangea pangea.jpg   pangea 3D.jpgpangea 3D_2.jpg

globe_grid.gifworld map_canvas.png

Dates & Milestones:  You should have at least two milestone dates for completing parts of the project.  You can also have a Beta test date and a Release to Market (RTM) date.  As soon as a bunch of coders will take it on. How about which we subscribe to, for second an dlikley last year - there is no connection to our curriculum content.

Surely, there is a way for these connections to happen, simply, with the right coders…..who are working with teachers, who are working with students…. I hope I can communicate with prof Scott Nicolson Prof Scott Nicolson who leads Laurier’s programme: U. of Laurier's Games Design Development Programme