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ANCBC Guidelines.

TLCC Guidelines for local groups applying for funding

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Guidelines for local Groups applying to TLCC  for grants from the Annandale and Nithsdale Community Benefit Company (ANCBC) fund.

All grants must be spent /distributed in accordance with ANCBC grant criteria and and the additional criteria set up by TLCC.

All applications must come from groups rather than individuals, and should show clear benefit to the Troqueer Landward Community.

Groups applying must be based at or be active in the Troqueer Landward Area. Link to map.

ANCBC Guidelines.

Grants are intended for the following:

A full copy of the guidelines may be viewed at this link.

TLCC Guidelines for local groups applying for funding

  1. Applications must be from local groups within the Troqueer Landward area, and not individuals.


  1. There will be a maximum grant of £2000 a year.  Guidance from ANCBC favours grants of no more than £500, and TLCC will work to these guidelines unless an exceptional case is made.

  1. For the curent year [2016-17] owing to the interruption of the Community Council by dissolution early in the year, the reestablished Community Council will consider any applications as they are submitted.   We will then consider returning to our former process where there will be a deadline in each funding cycle with applications being considered at our October meeting.  Should any ANCBC funds in the TLCC account not have been accounted for following this meeting,  a further deadline will be set within the year to permit fresh applications and to ensure, so far as possible, that all funds received for that year have been spent appropriately. This date will be published in our minutes and available on our website.   
  2. When applying for funding, groups must approach 3 different suppliers for relevant quotations where possible and appropriate,  and enclose details with the application form.

  1. Groups should note that TLCC may decide to award only a proportion of the grant applied for, and groups may need to fund the remaining costs themselves.  Full funding cannot always be guaranteed.

  1. TLCC will not approve funding for a projects ongoing yearly costs eg. running costs or routine maintenance.  An exception to this may be the cost of using the Community Room in the school or the cost of accessing the School Multi Use Games Area [MUGA]

  1. Groups are not limited to how many applications they can make each year.

  1. Applications will be viewed more favourably if representatives attend a TLCC meeting to discuss their application further.  A decision will be made at a later date.

  1. Decisions regarding applications will be made as soon as possible at TLCC monthly meetings following each deadline date.  However, more time may be required for applications if further information is needed.

  1. If a group’s application is unsuccessful, the group can re-apply for the next round of funding.  If there are no funds available in the next round, groups can request that TLCC consider the application when funds next become available.

  1.   All grants must be  acknowledged by groups as coming from ‘ANCBC Community  Council local Grant Scheme (CCLGS)’.

  1. Should local groups not spend all grant funds allocated through the CCLGS, then they will be required to repay the unspent funds back in to the ANCBC.

  1. All grant recipients must seek opportunities to publish their grant               award in the local paper, acknowledging the grant as follows:

This project has been financed  [or part financed] by funds from Annandale and Nithsdale Community Benefit Company, disbursing funds on behalf of ScottishPower Renewables Harestanes Windfarm.  

  1.  Application forms are available from
  1. TLCC treasurer;      Mr Murray Wallace - telephone 01387 263348.
  2. TLCC website. 

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