Communication Calendar


        Describe this communication.


With whom?

What did you want from them and/or how did you want to be treated?

What did you actually get (in terms of outcome and treatment)?

What do you think the other person wanted?What did they actually get (outcome/treatment)?

How did you feel (emotionally & physically) before and after?

How do you feel NOW (physically/mentally/emotionally) as you recall this communication?

Called the cable  company about my bill and was transferred again for the 3rd time.

I wanted him to, to take responsibility, by fixing the bill and, to be sympathetic and understanding.


I was told I had to talk to someone else and I was transferred a 4th time. He was rude and unsympathetic. 


To have me talk to someone else, for me not to be upset. He  got me to agree to talk to someone else, but I remained irritated and upset.


Tight shoulders, knot in my stomach, angry at him and all the time it was taking. Better and calmer, once I got to right person. 

Initially I felt uneasiness in the stomach – I’m a little embarassed for being so angry at someone only trying to do their job, but satisfied that my problem was fixed.