Done! The 2 Day Implementation Program


09:00    Coffee break and introductions

09:20    Inspire - Lead - Grow

11:00    Break

11:15    Hello Done! A walk through and introduction to the software

               Orientation Program - what it is

               Job Descriptions - the Done! philosophy - simplicity is elegance

               Programs for positions



               HR and measurement

12:30     Lunch

13:15     Building the Orientation Program

                The Welcome

                The Rules

                Who's who

                Our Story - the history

                Our happy people - mini movie

                Benefits and Insurance

                The Tour - mini movie

                Our Buddy System

16:00      How to Shoot Videos & load them into Done!

18:00      The Dream - 100% Happy Customers, 100% of the time

19:00      Group dinner (all participants to attend)

                 Meditation & reflection followed by Dinner


09:00     Coffee Break

09:15     Welcome & Inspiration

10:00     Programs and Departments

               Job Descriptions - review and upload

               The Organization Chart - Dynamic view and management - user hierarchy & user rights    

               Sequence of Service - Customer service scripts and role plays

                  Breaking it down into steps for learning

                  How to create quizzes and answers - set passing grades

                My Certification

12:30     Lunch

13:15     Products

                Creating products in Done!

 15:00    Advanced Programs

                The Living Library of Learning

16:00    HR - measuring performance & scheduling training

17:00    Certification

18:00    Future Activities Plan & Dinner

               Create the timeline for implementation and finalization

               Wrap-up, HELP, and support followed by Dinner