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It’s time for...

Walk the Dawg!

It’s time for our annual Walk the Dawg fundraiser! This event is one that gets our students excited, gets them moving, and raises money for our school all at the same time.  The funds raised help with daily school operations, as well as fun activities for our students.  One year we raised enough money to purchase an iPad cart equipped with 25 new iPads and a MACbook!  Wow! That was a successful year!

We are expecting this year to be a huge success as well.  To kick off this year’s event, a pep rally was held on Thursday, September 29th, and pledge sheets and letters explaining the event were sent home with our students.  

Here’s how this event works:   Your child asks friends and family members to pledge a certain amount of money per lap that they complete during the Walk the Dawg Event on Friday, October 7th.  They can also ask for one-time donations rather than per-lap pledges.  On Friday, October 7th, students have a set amount of time to walk or run around our track to see how many laps they can complete.  The total number of laps completed will be written on an envelope and then sent home.  Students then go back to the people who made pledges and collect the money.  When they have collected all the money, the student brings back the envelope with the money AND the completed pledge sheet.  We MUST have BOTH of these turned in together for bookkeeping purposes.  

There will be a prize assembly on Tuesday, November 22nd where students will receive prizes based on the level of money they collected and turned in by the deadline (Friday, October 21st).  Any money turned in after the deadline WILL NOT be eligible for prizes.  The prizes are listed on the back of this letter.  All necessary dates can be found on the back of the pledge sheet.  

We appreciate your support and look forward to another successful event.  If you’d like to volunteer to help with this event, just let your child’s teacher know or call the office.  We’d love to have you!  It’s a fun day for a good cause!  


Walk the Dawg Committee

Spirit Week--Dress Up Days

To help build excitement for Walk the Dawg, we will have Spirit Week with dress-up days from Monday, September 28th through Friday, October 2nd! Each day has been assigned a theme.  We hope students will have fun dressing up each day--just remember that they must still be in dress code!  

Monday, October 3rd           Sports Day--Favorite Sport/Sports Team Attire


Tuesday, October 4th                Camo Day--Camouflage/Hunting/Duck Dynasty (no toy weapons)

Wednesday, October 5th        Wacky Wednesday--Plaid with stripes/mismatched socks?

Thursday, October 6th                Hat day--Wear your favorite hat or cap

Friday, October 7th                 Spirit Day--Wear school colors: Red, Black, or White

Walk the Dawg Prize Levels

$25          Homework pass for 1 Subject and Coupon for Free Ice Cream for 1 Day

$50          Previous Prizes PLUS a Slap Bracelet

$75          Previous Prizes PLUS a Stress Ball with Hair

$100 Previous Prizes PLUS a Paw Print Water Bottle

$150         Previous Prizes PLUS a Bulldog/Paw Print Backpack

$200        Previous Prizes PLUS a Kickball

$250         Previous Prizes PLUS a Ticket to bounce in the bounce house and get

 popcorn/drink on November 22nd

$300 Previous Prizes PLUS a Draw Prize (examples: gift cards, cash, games, etc.)

$400 and higher will get all Previous Prizes PLUS a trip---you will leave school early to to go to Thunder Alley in Dickson to eat and bowl!!!  (Trip will be on November 21st)

The TOP SELLER in the school will receive a TABLET!!!

The CLASS in each grade level who collects the most money will receive a SLUSHIE party!

The CLASS who raises the most money in the school will receive an ICE CREAM or PIZZA Party!


All prizes will be given during our prize assembly on Tuesday, November 22nd.