Madrigal Cast

Jester - Dani Albright

Royal King - Harley Tate

Royal Queen - Jo Holly

Long Knight - Sydney Chmielewski

Short Knight - Caroline Welte

Sleepless Knight - Zach Piel

Late Knight - Katie Brubaker

Ava - Kim Baez

Messenger/Town Crier - Jacob Roller

Thatcher - Spencer Hicks

King Hale - Mitchell Hintzsche

Queen Bea - McKenna Daly

Merton Sire - Logan Scalf

*Courtier 1 - Allie Penge

*Courtier 2 - Elizabeth Tutor

*Courtier 3 - Jolene Morgan

*Courtier 4 - Emma Moulding

*Courtier 5 - Josh Roller

*Courtier 6 - Delaney Talty

Congratulations to all cast members. It’s going to be a great Madrigal Dinner. If you have any questions, please see Mrs. Manning ASAP.

*Courtiers -- You will get to make up your own name i.e. Lord Farquat, Lady Whatsherface. Be creative! They will go in the program next to your name!*