Review the different types of Hyperdoc Templates.

Which template appeals to you most? Why?

Highlight the words.  Click the link icon in the toolbar.  Insert a link to the specified content.

A Website of your choice

A google drive file

A video

Insert a Table in this cell.

Change the color.

The “How-To Hyperdoc”

Get this Doc!

Complete 6 Areas.

Mark an area complete by changing the color of the cell.

Anywhere you see a purple box, please type a response.

Insert a fun image in this cell.

Insert a screenshot in this cell.

(Mac: Command+Shift+3)

(Chromebook: Ctrl+Switch Window)

Review Some Samples

Insert the link to one you might want to use.

How do you plan to use Hyperdocs in your classroom?

Go to this page, select a row, and fill in your information.

 Hyperdocs are better with visuals.  Check out these two websites to help you make better word art.

Insert one word art by copying and pasting it from your website.

Review different ways to share your hyperdoc.

Share to Classroom Extension

Force students to make a copy with a short URL

Make an assignment in Google Classroom

How do you plan to share your hyperdoc with students?