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Group Members:                                                                                  

Game Name:


Part 1 – Game Play Analysis                                        

Answer each of the following questions by listing your responses in the open space.  Please write neatly!

  1. What are the ways to score points?

  1. What are the LEGAL ways to prevent an opponent from scoring?

  1. Are there ways to reduce an opponent’s score?

  1. Is there a max score?  What are big points? Do the math.

  1. Are there scoring locks or guaranteed methods for wins?  Example, can you control all of the scoring elements?

  1. Estimated average scoring?

Part 2 – Robot Game Strategies                                                                                

The purpose of this section is to brainstorm ideas for WHAT A ROBOT CAN DO TO PLAY THE GAME.  Use sticky notes or scrap paper to write down your ideas and remember that pretty much anything here counts.  

We will discuss and vote on strategies from this section.  Ultimately, these strategies feed our robot design!

Part 3 – Group’s Initial Robot Design                                                                                

With your group’s best ideas, design the robot on the open sheet of paper stapled to this folder.  Please be as descriptive as possible in your design with the following key components identified.

The sticky notes will be collected inside your group’s folder and will be used as a part of the PIC chart for making decisions.

Part 4 – Anything else?                                                                                                

Is there anything else your group would like to bring up that this worksheet doesn’t mention?  Anything with imaging, control, team marketing, lights, etc. that will make us stand out amongst the other robots?