Twilight RULES – there are some changes with PITCHING, BATTING LINE-UP, COURTESY RUNNER rules for 2015.

-          I’ve talked to a # of college coaches and they fear their players are not monitored in summer ball activities.  Players throwing too many pitches/innings, not doing their work in between starts at field, etc.. the pitching rule of no more than 4 innings in a single game scheduled.  If team has a DoubleHeader scheduled, then a pitcher can throw 6 innings on the day.

-          Extra Hitter in batting line up:  coach can use up to 2 extra hitters in batting line up.  This season we have more college players involved as well as a big group of players just graduated from college and still looking to play.  This Extra Hitter will give manager the ability to get 2 more players involved in game offensively.  I highly suggest with 7 inning games scheduled, managers use the extra hitter(s) to get more players involved in the game, especially the first 2 weeks of the season.

-          Courtesy Runner -  a player that is not in the starting batting line up (excluding the pitcher), may be used to run for the catcher.  This can be done with 0 outs in 1st inning.  The same person has to be used to run for the catcher until a manager decided to put that courtesy runner into the game.  Once that happens, a manager can use a different roster player that hasn’t been in the game or have the catcher run for himself.  Just another way to get another player involved in the game offensively and speed up the game in between innings while catchers are putting their gear on after last out in inning.

The Twilight League uses the Sporting News edition of the Major League baseball rules with the following exceptions or additions:

  1. First time ejected-suspended for 1 game
  2. Second time ejected-suspended for 3 games
  3. Third time ejected-suspended for the remainder of season
  1. Penalty for fighting at any time (before, during, or after game)
  2. First time-suspended for 10 games
  3. Second time-suspended from the league for life