What is my plan?

Who is involved?



TEACHERS:  My first step is to share the links for the databases with teachers

STUDENTS:  Continue to teach lessons about the District databases

Teacher Librarian

Staff members

·          Remind teachers of the links to the District databases as soon as possible

·          FirstClass e-mail

·          Library website

·          Term 3 Library Preview

·          Classroom posters with QR codes for easy access

Demonstrate to the staff at our staff meeting how to access the databases, and what is included in the databases


Staff Members

·          May Staff Meeting

·          Short presentation at a Staff meeting

·          ‘Lunch Learning’ session

·          World Book Online Training Site

As mentioned in my previous post, I will create a Symbaloo containing references for both students and teachers – these would be aligned with curricular competencies and content

Teacher-Librarian in consultation with Staff members regarding resources they will find useful

·          September 2017 – this would be a project I would begin now and have complete for all

·          Sharing of link when complete

·          Demonstration at Staff meeting


I have consulted with a small group of primary teachers, and I’m just beginning to collaborate with the intermediate teachers regarding Genius Hour projects.  I will be conducting ‘Reference Interviews’ with the teachers to determine their reference needs for Term 3.


Currently, there is no School/District Library Manual.  As each school is different, it was decided that as Teacher-Librarians, we have the ability to create library policies based on our school community. Our District Teacher-Librarians have been working on creating a Mission Statement, but we have not been able to continue this due to a huge deficit of TOCs in our District.  Hopefully we will continue in September.  


As this plan is ongoing, the timeline for success may be difficult to determine.  In June, I will create a Google Survey for both the staff and students regarding reference services in the library.  This survey will focus on what they know about the services, and how they have used them this year.  Once school begins again in September, I will do another survey to assess their knowledge, so I can determine where I need to begin for the 2017/18 school year.