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Jan 2014

2014 Executive Committee


Mr. Anand Shah

(919) 678-9475


Vice President

Mrs. Neha Mehta

(919) 233-8837



Mr. Bhairav Shah

(919) 845-9593


Food Coordinator

Mr. Ajay Shah

(919) 601-2624


Youth Coordinator

Mrs. Rita Lodaya

(919) 240-5564


Mrs. Sejal Shah



Mrs. Shweta Shah

(919) 678-9475




Hindu Center


Mr. Pravin Shah

(919) 859-4994


Mr. Anand Shah

(919) 678-9475


Mr. Harshad Shah

(919) 341 8894

Special Projects

Special Projects


Mr. Pratyush Mehta

(919) 967-6270



Mr. Pritesh Shah

Raleigh, NC

Annual Camp

Mr. Kamlesh Shah

Cary, NC

Sustainment Committee

Mr. Kamlesh Shah

Cary, NC

Religious Programs

Mr. Pravin Shah
Mr. Kirit Shah

Editor’s Corner

Jai Jinendra,

On behalf of Executive Committee 2014, I wanted to wish everyone a very Happy New Year. The holidays gives us a chance to spend time with our families and friends, reflect on the past year, and make resolutions for the coming one.  We wish everyone the very best, and looking forward to sharing a great year.

On a personal note, my humble thanks for giving me the opportunity to serve our community as the Secretary this year.  I hope I can fill the large shoes left behind by Anand and numerous other Secretaries in prior years.


Bhairav Shah

(Secretary, JSCNC)

Inside This Issue

  1. Message From our New President
  2. Monthly Meeting
  3. Announcements
  4. Upcoming Activities
  5. Pathshala Corner
  6. How to Support Jain Study Center of NC

1. Message from our New President

Jai Jinendra,

Thank you very much for giving me an opportunity to lead Jain Study Center of North Carolina (JSCNC). I am truly grateful by the trust placed in me and I look forward to carrying out my responsibilities with your support. I am also proud to be working with the new executive committee who do their work with utmost sincerity, integrity and dedication to continue fostering vision of JSCNC. Also Kudos and a BIG THANK YOU to all of the volunteers who jump in at every opportunity and lend a hand to support various projects throughout the years.

This is a special year. JSCNC turns 35! Our organization was founded in 1979 and was incorporated in 1983 as a 501(c)(3) organization. The vision for founding JSCNC was clear: To promote and seek better understanding of Jain values & beliefs and to instill the same values in our children as they grow up in a foreign land. It’s this vision you will see echoed in various activities conducted throughout the year: Whether it’s the monthly meeting to discuss a specific topic and hear our esteemed scholars explain our heritage in simplified terms, celebrating the birth of Bhagavan Mahavir, celebrating Paryushan, Annual Camp or giving back to the community by conducting variety of projects such as Adopt-A-Highway, Food Drive etc. I encourage you to check our website: http://www.jscnc.org for a list of activities conducted throughout the year.

As we begin 2014, I wanted to thank the outgoing executive committee under the leadership of Mr. Pratyush Mehta. I had the privilege to work with him last year as Secretary and can confidently say that under his leadership, we had yet another stellar year with several accomplishments. My vision this year is to continue to promote JAIN values, provide a forum for adults and youth alike to learn more about our rich religion, and continue to adapt the Jain Way of Life as times change.

As a volunteer supported organization, I want to express my gratitude towards our generous sponsors and encourage others to step forward. I hope that you will grab many opportunities throughout the year to support by volunteering your time or by donating generously.

Finally, I believe in honest two-way communication. During the year, if you have any feedback or ideas, please do not hesitate to call/email me. I look forward to a fabulous 2014!


Anand Shah

 2. Monthly Meeting

The community holds its monthly meetings at the Hindu Temple in Morrisville, NC.  We invite everyone to attend the monthly meetings.

For planning purposes, Please inform our Food Coordinator, Mr. Ajay Shah, if:

a) You are not a regular attendee of the monthly meetings, but *are* planning to attend  … OR …

b) You are a regular attendee of the monthly meetings, but are *not* planning to attend

Monthly Meeting Format

10:45 a.m.


11:00 a.m.

Item(s) / Presentation(s) by Pathshala children

11:20 a.m.

Administrative/Committee Activities

11:30 a.m.

Adult Discourse/Discussion &

Children Pathshala

12:30 p.m.

Discourse Q&A &

Administrative Announcements

12:45 p.m


01:00 p.m.



Sunday, Jan 19

Discourse Topic

“Liberation (Moksha) - here and now”


Mr. Sudhir Shah

3. Announcements

Food Table for 2014

He is back!!  Ajay Shah is the new Food Coordinator of the year.  The updated food table is on our website under Documents section. You can also access it by visiting: http://www.jscnc.org/docs/JSCNC_2014_Foodtable.pdf.

This is another stellar year where majority of the members have volunteered for the Food Table.  As Ajaybhai mentioned in his email a few days ago, the volunteers deserve a great round of applause for their commitment to making the food or contributing monetarily.  Without these efforts from your side, we would not have a tasty close to our meetings.

4. Upcoming Activities

A reminder, that the JSCNC 2014 calendar is now online. Please visit http://www.jscnc.org and click Events. The calendar has the most up-to-date listing of all confirmed activities for the year.  All the tithis (Lunar Days) are also posted on the online calendar.  Here is a list of some key dates:





Weekly Swadhyaya (Mondays)

7.30 pm

Mr. Harshad Shah’s House

Mr. Harshad Shah

Weekly Mahavir Puja (Saturdays)

10 am

HSNC Temple

Mrs. Rekha Banker

Mahavir Jayanti Cultural Program

April 20

HSNC Cultural Hall

Paryushan Parva

Aug 23 - Aug 30

Paryushan Bhavana

Aug 28

5. Pathshala Corner

JSCNC Pathshala serves our young kids to instill spiritual development, self-awareness and promote Jain identity in individuals, based on the principles of Jainism. The teachers pay special attention to the needs of young and older groups and have structured curriculum as such.

Starting 2014, we have added a new teacher to our existing team of Patshala teachers.  Thank you to Mrs. Shweta Shah for stepping up to lead our youngest group of children in a new class.  The new class will henceforth be called “Veer”.  The new Patshala class listing is as follows:


Patshala Class Name

Pathshala Teacher


Mrs. Rita Lodaya


Mrs. Sejal Shah


Mrs. Shweta Shah

The Pathshala classes take place every first Sunday of the month from 12:30 p.m. - 2:00 p.m. in the Hindu Temple Cultural Hall AND on 3rd Sundays during the monthly meeting.  If you plan to attend and/or need more information, please call any of the teachers, or contact them at JSCNCpathshala@yahoo.com.

6. Supporting our Center

You can support our Center by:

Your support is greatly appreciated.

Bhairav  Shah

(Secretary, JSCNC)