Hearthstone Rules and Guidelines

I.    Registration

Guidelines for registration

II.   Tournament Structure

Information on tournament structure

III.  Scheduling Rules

Default match times, rescheduling system, Break times

IV.   Match Rules

Matchmaking rules and no-shows

V.    Gameplay

Deck picks and remaking

VI.   Reporting Results

How to report scores and upload screenshots

VII.  Administrative Decisions

VIII. Terms and Conditions

Decisions allowed to Administrators

Terms of Service and Policies

I.        Registration

  1. Players must have ownership of the account(s) registered on the battlefy link provided.
  2. 4 Classes and Deck Lists must be ready and on battlefy by 11:59pm Wednesday August 3rd.
  3. Changes after the Registration Deadline must be submitted to or changed on battlefy more than 24 hours before the first match.
  4. Players must be able to attend the LAN event in order to be eligible.

II.        Tournament Structure

  1. Format
  1. Standard Conquest
  1. Best of 5
  1. The tournament will have one stage: 32 person Double Elimination bracket
  1. The LAN will be held starting in Farmer School Of Business beginning at 11:00am
  2. Players will be randomly seeded

III.        Scheduling Rules

  1. LAN and Finals
  1. General Schedule
  1. Players will be afforded at least five minutes in between matches.
  2. If a player is still missing ten minutes after the round is called, that player will be granted a game 1 loss.
  1. After twenty minutes that player will be granted a game 2 loss.
  2. After thirty minutes that player will be granted a match loss.
  1. Each match will start exactly at the listed time in the schedule.
  1. If a player is missing the countdown will begin when the first player readies up
  1. Starting Times
  1. The event will start at the scheduled time shown on our website.
  2. Check-in will run up from doors open until 15 minutes before the start of the tournament.
  3. Finals are planned to start as scheduled or 15 minutes after the semi-finals end (whichever is latest).
  1. Full schedule will be available on at least 2 weeks before the in-person event.
  2. Incomplete Bracket due to Disqualification
  1. If a position in the bracket is empty because the winning player was later disqualified.
  1. It will be filled by the losing player of that game.
  1. If a position in the current round of the bracket is empty because both players in the game from the previous round that would have decided that position were disqualified.
  1. The position will be drawn randomly.

IV.        Match Rules

  1. Game Format: All games must be played using the in client Challenge functionality
  1. Lobby Settings:
  1. Make sure you have Challenge enabled in the options.
  1. The game shall be started when both players have indicated that they are ready in chat.
  2. Banning:
  1. Before the match starts, players may ban one of their opponents classes.
  2. Players must exchange their 4 classes at the same time.
  1. Best way to do this is to send a message in-game at the same time.
  1. Players must exchange their bans at the same time. Bans may not be changed for any reason.
  1. No-Show:
  1. A ‘No-Show’ can only be declared if the players acted in good faith in accordance with the scheduling rules defined in Section (III) at the discretion of an administrator.
  2. If one player is present and their opponent is not present within fifteen minutes after the agreed upon start time, that player can declare a win because of a ‘No-Show’
  3. To declare a win, take a screenshot of your friends list with your opponent’s name in it or where it would be in the client lobby along with a forfeit message from the other player(if any). If it is in person then notify a Tournament organizer.
  1. If no forfeit message is available send us the screenshot of the game lobby including a time indicator(clock, timestamp, etc…) along with a screenshot of the chatlog for the agreed time with timezone.
  1. Win Conditions
  1. In order to declare match victory the player must have beaten their opponent with each of their 3 decks
  2. Deck switching - Standard Conquest
  1. Once a player has won a game in a set with a deck, they can no longer use that deck for future games in that best of 5 set.
  2. If it is a Best of 7 series then players will use all 4 of their decks without bans.

V.        Gameplay

  1. Gameplay Rules
  1. Chat Function
  1. All chat should be used minimally to talk with the other player. Communications should be limited to sportsmanlike conduct (e.g. gg, gl hf, etc.), communication regarding pauses, and rule clarifications.
  2. Unsportsmanlike conduct will not be tolerated. Refer to section (V-B-1-i).
  1. Deck Picks:
  1. Classes and deck lists are locked in once the tournament begins
  2. Changes to the deck lists are able to be made up until 15 minutes prior to the start of the tournament via battlefy.
  1. Fatal Errors
  1. A game may be restarted if disruptions occur before turn 2.
  2. In the case of game crashes, the players will recreate the games with the same decks.
  1. If the crash is a result of a specific card. the player may change their decklist and remove the bugged card.
  1. If a match cannot be played out due to server instability, the match will be rescheduled to another time as described in Section (III-A-3).
  2. Any stoppage of play resulting from server instability must be confirmed by third party sources such as time-stamped Blizzard or forum posts.
  3. Any stoppage of play due to Miami’s internet must be confirmed with screenshots of the disconnect and the game may be restarted at discretion of the Admin on site.
  1. Disruptive Play
  1. Unfair play or misbehavior will be result in immediate suspension of the offending player(s) from the tournament and may face disqualification at the discretion of administrators depending on the number and severity of infractions. This includes but is not limited to the following list:
  1. Unsportsmanlike Conduct
  1. Unsportsmanlike Conduct should be recorded with a screenshot, and sent to administrators. Punishment varies from warning to team forfeit at the discretion of the administrators based on severity and repeat offences. Such behavior includes but is not limited to:
  1. Either team excessively calling premature ‘gg’
  2. Offensive language or slurs
  3. Inappropriate use of chat function
  4. General ‘Bad Manners’
  1. Intentional disconnection without prior communication
  1. i.e. Rage quitting when losing due to unfavorable RNG
  1. Colluding with other players.
  2. Use of cheats (simple deck trackers, which can only perform what could be done on pen and paper, are permitted, but advanced deck trackers (ie, tracking opponent’s hand and which cards are drawn on which turn and which cards are gifted) are not permitted.

VI.        Reporting Results

  1. In-Person LAN Results
  1. Notify a Tournament Organizer after each set and report your results to them.
  2. Winners and losers should still take screenshots of winning/losing games in case of a dispute
  1. No Results are Filed.
  1. Deadline for filing results is within 15 minutes of the match ending.
  1. If no communication has been received by this time, both players will forfeit.
  1. Screenshots
  1. Screenshots can be taken by Printscreen and uploaded to Imgur or other picture hosting site or shown to Admin.
  1. Other forms of screenshots are also accepted including, but not limited to Gyazo and ppyh.
  1. Replays
  1. Any discrepancies will be handled via screenshots.
  2. There are no exceptions or extensions to deadlines.
  1. Discrepancies
  1. If a player wants to dispute a result they must do it before the next round.
  1. They must provide proof in the form of screenshots to prove that a mistake was made.
  1. Discrepancies that cannot be settled may cause both players to forfeit.
  1. Forfeits are at the judgement of administrators on a case by case basis.

VII.        Administrative Decisions

  1. E-mail
  1. E-mails sent through the or can make any executive decision not covered in the rules.
  2. If an e-mail is sent outside of an hour before or after a scheduled match, please allow 24 hours for an administrator to give a full response.
  1. For any concerns that arise within the aforementioned window an administrator will be immediately available through e-mail, or social media.
  1. LAN and Finals
  1. Decisions made by administrators at the LAN event will be final.
  2. Any issues that are not covered above in the rules above are left to the discretion of moderators/administrators.
  1. Disputing Administrator Decisions
  1. Chat logs and e-mail correspondence with administrators will be strictly private
  1. Exceptions are for AllMid staff in the event that an investigation into administrator or player behavior or decision making needs to be investigated and reviewed.
  1. Grievous Error by an Administrator
  1. If an individual believes that an Administrator made an error, either by mistake or malice, they are asked to first attempt to resolve it privately with that administrator.
  2. If the issue cannot be resolved then they should message AllMid by e-mail at to request an internal investigation or a personal meeting to discuss the issue.
  3. If the individual is still unsatisfied with the resolution of the issue they are welcome to make the conversation public on the facebook event page.
  1. At this point the Administrators will be obliged to provide all contact made with the individual, and anything else deemed appropriate by the administrators to provide the community with a full understanding of the issue, without infringing on the privacy of any other party involved.
  2. AllMid will strongly consider the community’s opinion on the appropriate resolution of the issue and make a final statement on the subject.

VIII.        Terms and Conditions

  1.  Prizing
  1. All advertised prizing as of the start of the AllMid tournament is final.
  2. Players acknowledge that by playing in the AllMid tournament they are entering a game of skill and agree to the prizing payouts as advertised at the start time of an AllMid tournament.
  1. Payout Policy
  1. All tournament payouts will be sent to the winning teams via Paypal within 1 week following the end of an AllMid tournament.
  2. The funds will be sent to the same registrant's e-mail address used to register for the AllMid tournament.
  3.  If a player on a winning team would like the funds to be sent to a different e-mail address, that player must provide AllMid written notification before the end of the AllMid tournament.
  1. Refund Policy
  1. Any and all refunds paid to a paid player of any AllMid tournament will be made through Paypal unless chosen otherwise by AllMid.
  2. The Paypal e-mail address used to pay the refund will be the same e-mail address that was used when the player registered for that particular AllMid tournament.
  3.  If there are cash refunds made, the player acknowledges that they have received the cash as of the time the AllMid event is over.