Vote Early, Vote Often:  

An Organelle Project

This project is designed to be a creative investigation into the structure and function of eukaryotic organelles.  Using the frame of a political campaign, you will promote an organelle of your choice for office.  You should have fun, and be creative, while remaining true to an accurate understanding of the material at hand.  Essentially, you will be telling us why your organelle is the best organelle.

You can work in pairs, or in groups of three.  Pairs must complete the campaign poster and one of the free-choice options.  Groups of three must complete the poster, and two of the free-choice options.

List of Organelles:

  • Nucleus William, James, Jeremy
  • Ribosomes Emily, Anthony
  • Rough Endoplasmic Reticulum
  • Smooth Endoplasmic Reticulum
  • Golgi Apparatus Hope, Jess, Rosanna
  • Plasma Membrane Mark, Trevor, Vinny
  • Vesicle
  • Cytoplasm
  • Cytoskeleton
  • Mitochondria Samuel, Tyler, Frankie
  • Chloroplast
  • Other Plastids
  • Flagellum
  • Cillia
  • Lysosome Ronak, Aaron, Syed
  • Extracellular Matrix
  • Food Vacuole
  • Central Vacuole
  • Cell Wall Lauren, Jackie

Campaign Poster:

Your group will create a digital campaign poster, using the PiktoChart poster tool (you will need to sign up for a free account).  The poster should contain facts about what your organelle does, and why it’s important.  Images should be included

Free-Choice Options:

Option 1:  Campaign Ad.

A 30-second campaign ad for your organelle.  Uploaded to youtube.  The ad can be an example of positive OR negative campaigning.

Option 2:  Twitter Campaign

A twitter-profile for your organelle’s campaign for office with at least 25 informative and entertaining tweets about the campaign over the span of the project (include the #OrganelleVote2014 hashtag on all posts, to make it easy to search for your tweets).

Option 3:  Op-Ed

A 250-word (minimum) Op Ed on the topic of your choice from the perspective of your organelle.  This should be written and published on Medium (you will need to create a free account).

Sharing/Assessment instructions:  

Once you have completed your work, you need to fill out this google form and include the public URL’s to your work.  It is your responsibility to make sure that your work is publicly viewable at the URL’s that you enter into this form.

Once you have posted your projects, you need to fill out this form, evaluating your work and the work of your peers.

Created by D. Knuffke from more sources than could possibly be cited herein.