General Overview

Legal Status and Organisational Structure

The International School of Brno is a registered non­profit organization (Public Benefit Corporation - direct translation) in the Czech Republic.   It is also recognized by the Czech Ministry of Education as an international elementary school.

In accordance with Czech laws, ISB has a 3-­member Board of Directors and a 3-­member Supervisory Board.  Positions on both Boards are unpaid positions.  

In accordance with Czech law, the Board of Directors elects its own members and appoints members of the Supervisory Board.  The Head of School is also appointed by the Board of Directors.

Board of Directors (BoD)

The Board of Directors ensures that ISB is operated in accordance with Czech Law.  While not part of the day ­to­ day operation of the school, the BoD has the following obligations to the school:

The Board of Directors can be contacted by writing to:

Head of School (HoS)

Head of School's role, duties and responsibilities are described in detail in the job description and in the policy “Responsibilities of admin team”.

Regarding budget and development plan, there are following procedures:

The Supervisory Board ensures that the school's financial affairs are managed appropriately and that the school is operating according to budget.  The SB has access to ISB accounting data, policy manuals and student data.  The SB meets 1x per year to review:

The Supervisory Board can be contacted by writing to:

Parent Council (PC)

The purpose of the Parent Council is to be consulted and informed of the school’s current legal, financial and strategic situation and plans.  The PC is provided with in-depth information concerning these matters on at least an annual basis.  If more meetings are necessary within a single school year, they are arranged.

The Parent Council also ensures that there is a process by which the requests, suggestions and concerns of all ISB families can be brought to the Head and/or the Board of Directors.  Any member of the ISB community who wishes for an issue (specifically those relating to teaching and learning) to be brought to the Head's attention can contact a member of the Parent Council.  The members of the PC for the year are announced at the beginning of the year and their contacts are available at the reception office.  

The PC does not have the authority to make decisions on behalf of the school.  While all issues brought to the Head/Board by the PC are addressed in due course, the final decision always lies with the Head and/or the Board.  

Ideally, the PC represents all divisions of the school are represented (Kindergarten, Primary Years, Secondary 1 and High School).  Parents/Legal Guardians can volunteer to serve a one-year term on the Council and in the event that more than one parent/guardian volunteers for a position, the rest of the parents are asked to vote.  There are ideally 4 to 8 members of the PC.

The PC meets ideally 2x per school year (November and May/June).

The Members of the Board of Directors are also part of these meetings.  

Relevant excerpts from Czech law pertaining to the Board of Directors:

Relevant excerpts from Czech law pertaining to the appointment of the Manager of a Public Benefit Corporation (the Head of School):

Relevant excerpts from Czech law pertaining to the Supervisory Board of a Public Benefit Corporation

Relevant excerpts from Czech law pertaining to the Business management of a Public Benefit corporation

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