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Technology Gr 2
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Grade 2 Technology Skill and Competency Student Checklist

Please use the check below to record student proficiency in the area of technology.

Student Name: ______________________________________________

Basic Operations

Word Processing & Desktop Publishing

Open, save, and close files

Start a new document

Print documents

Save a document

 Use special functions keys

(Delete, Shift, Arrow Keys, Space, Return/enter)  

Cut, copy,  and paste

Use undo and redo icons

Change font style, size, and color

Create a new file using SAVE AS

Use page setup and print preview

Use Bold, Italics and Underline

Insert clip art

Using and Creating Spreadsheets

Multimedia and Presentation Tools SAMPLE

Format cells:  font size, style, color

Save a presentation file

Create an original presentation or use a template FINISHED SAMPLE

Change font, font type, bold, underline, color

Select and re-size graphics, pictures, clip art


Using and Creating Web Pages

Apply digital citizenship principles

Locate and use bookmarks

Copy Images or documents from a website