Tuesday - Thursday

2/10/15 - 2/12/15

What is a Twitter Chat?

  • A conversation via Twitter about a pre-determined topic
  • A way to connect with educators on campus (and around the world, maybe) that we might not normally team with, or see
  • A way to share ideas and resources

Why Slow Chat?

  • Chat over an extended period of time, rather than the typical one hour duration of most Twitter chats.
  • Address one question per day.
  • Participate when it’s convenient for YOU.
  • Reflect and participate at your pace.

How Do I Participate?

  • Login in with your Twitter account.
  • Tweet away - ask questions, answer questions, connect, share resources on the topic, and reflect.   
  • Remember to include #AISQ8chat in each of your tweets.

This Week’s Topic…

Twitter K-W-L

Twitter is a powerful tool to connect with, and learn from, educators within our organization and around the world. Let’s begin by collaboratively establishing what we all know, what we want to know, and learn from each other.

This Week’s Questions


Join us this week to slow chat “Twitter K-W-L”

Q1.Tuesday. What do you KNOW about using Twitter as an educator?

{In case you missed it.}

Q.2.Wednesday. What do you WANT to know about using Twitter as an educator? Let’s answer each others’ questions! :)

{In case you missed it.}

Q.3.Thursday. How will what you have LEARNed impact how you use Twitter?

{In case you missed it.}