Carter Elijah DeYoung
EDD August 14, 2011
Born August 4, 2011
9 pounds

Before I got pregnant with Carter Jeremy and I decided to do a natural homebirth after the horrific events that followed medical intervention with the birth of Noah. I did my research and found Bradley Method.  I was so excited to read about it and sign up for the class!  I loved going to the classes and learning more and more about my body. Even though I had already had one child I still learned so much NEW information!   I was so excited to put it all to work!

The day Carter was born I remember feeling out of sorts.  I couldn’t put my finger on it...I just didn’t feel right. I had been having Braxton Hicks contractions all day off and on. My Mom offered to take Noah so I could go home and rest so I drove him to her house.  On my way home I stopped by Publix for ingredients for dinner. Right as I pulled out of the parking lot to go home, I had a reeeally strong contraction.  It took everything I had to concentrate to make it home.  I don’t remember driving home.  I unloaded the groceries and started chopping vegetables.  Every few minutes I would have a contraction and would have to stop and rock my hips and breathe through it.  I still thought this was BH because, just like with Noah, I had these throughout my pregnancy and they were always so strong and I was still 10 days out from my EDD.  

I knew what labor felt like because of my previous labor but I was still confused.  
After about 2 hours of these I called my Mom and told her it I thought it was time but to stay calm and not get too excited.  She was of course so excited and ready to head on over and start preparing the birth room. She suggested I call Susie, my midwife, and of course Jeremy.  I didn’t want get excited because I knew that a surge of adrenaline could stall labor….and if this was really it….

I called Susie first because she had the longest drive to our house.  While on the phone with her, telling her “this may be it”, I had a really big contraction and couldn’t talk through it.  It was an awkward phone call with me breathing heavily on one end and Susie listening to me on the other.  Before I was finished she said, very quietly and calmly, “I am on my way.  I will call Cindy too and we will see you shortly.”  I breathed out an “okay”.  Now, after hanging up the phone I started crying because I knew that this was it and I was excited, nervous, anxious….
I called Jeremy and brought him up to speed and he was on the way in a flash!
I called my best friend who was going to be there with us.  She had been seriously joking throughout my pregnancy to not go into labor while she is at work.  Well, she was getting off work when I called her to tell her it’s time!  She knew one of her helping duties was to get Sonic ice….so she was on it!  
We called the nanny, Holly, to come watch Noah.  We wanted him to be there but not be in the way.  
I continued to labor while everyone was headed my way.  I got into some comfortable clothes and pulled out the birthing ball.

I don’t remember in what order the people arrived...I was a little busy. ha!
When my Mom arrived she immediately started preparing our bedroom to have our baby!  My husband and I had already put air in the birthing pool.  So when Jeremy arrived he began filling up the pool and moving the beds around.

Contractions were steady and getting closer together.  I was beginning to have back labor.  Susie had arrived and checked me I was at 5 cm dilated. Her, my Mom, and Jeremy were all taking turn applying pressure to my low back to counteract the back labor.  I decided that I wanted to try getting in the birth pool.  
The nurse, Cindy, had arrived and set up her area.  I remember she checked the temperature of the water before I could get in.

Oh the warm water!  It felt so good.  My friend Amber was on water duty.  She continued to pour water on my back through every contraction. Every hour Susie wanted me to use the restroom to empty my bladder so that it give the baby more room to come down. She let me stay in the water a little extra but eventually I had to get out.  Once I did and gravity hit I had to really concentrate through the contractions on the way the the restroom.  As soon as I sat down on the potty I wanted to get off!  It hurt so bad sitting there!  I guess because of the pressure bearing down.  

I went and layed down so that Susie could check how dilated I was at this point.  I was 8.5 cm dilated and my water had not broken by itself. I asked her to pleeease break my water and she did.  I was not fully prepared for the intense pressure and pain that was about to ensue after my water was broken.  

I was having, what I would call, an out of body experience.  I didn’t feel like I was in the room because the pain was so intense. I remember telling everyone how tired I was and that I just wanted to rest.  
It took me 3 contractions and some wonderful coaching by Jeremy and my Mom to get me back on track.  Holly brought Noah in to give me kisses before he went to bed for the night.  It was so good to see him and it really helped me get back into the state of mind as to why I was going through all of this.  I was about to have another beautiful baby boy!  After that I was so calm I actually would fall asleep during contractions! After a few of these “rests” it was time to push, and I was more than ready!

I remember pushing for only a short amount of time.  It was a new experience to hold my own legs since I was unable to do it when I delivered Noah.  Being able to hold my legs was a marvelous experience because I got to control where they went.  Imagine that!  As soon as his head was delivered I breathed a huge sigh of relief.  I laid back…..and then another contraction came and Susie said to get ready to push again.  WHAT?!  I totally forgot about his body!  Ha!  After his head was delivered Susie had told me to stop pushing.  I later found out that the cord was loosely wrapped around his neck.  And when she told me to push again I pushed that baby out and was so happy to hold him!!

I remember thinking and saying how thick the vernix coating was on him.  It was like cream cheese.
I was able to keep Carter with me, nurse him immediately, let the cord quit pulsing before we cut it, and take our time bathing him and getting his stats done.  

The first night went well.  It was a short one because it took several hours after Carter was born to clean up and finish all of the formal birth stuff.   Susie and Cindy and my Mom stayed the night.  So of course we were all up early the next morning.  I was so excited to introduce Noah to his new brother!  Noah was so excited to wake up to a new baby brother he even shared his bead necklace.  Precious!

Having a natural home birth was the best experience!  Yes, there was pain and my body was totally equipped to handle it.  I am proud of myself for doing this.!