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 [Excerpt from 1536 Free Waters and Other Blackjack Endeavor--Finding Profit and Humor in Card-Counting, by Glen Wiggy, published by iUniverse, 2012.]


~ The Streaks ~


     ...all seasoned players have stories about odd streaks or hands.  The absolute strangest occurrence I've seen on a blackjack table involved another player who had been dealt a pair of threes against the dealer's nine.  I wasn't in the game at the time, but I had witnessed the spectacle from the next table.  The player correctly took a hit instead of splitting.  It was a three.  The player hit again.  Another three.  At this point, people started to chuckle and gasp, Wow, look at all the threes.  He couldn't possible get another.  He did.  The player had five threes on the table for a total of fifteen.  Following Basic Strategy, he asked for another hit.  The dealer proudly showed the card to everyone as it came out of the shoe.  Another three, for an eighteen.  Pretty neat. 

     Here is where the story took a strange turn.  The player had an eighteen against the dealer's nine.  He defied Basic Strategy and even basic logic by asking for another hit with a pat hand.  A $50 pat hand, by the way.  The player was convinced that another three was destined to give him a total of twenty-one.  The next card was a six.  The player busted.  The dealer had an eight underneath for a total of seventeen.  The ridiculous player lost $50 instead of winning $50.  A $100 swing because of gross superstition.