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OnlineHS: Orientation Assignment

Be Creative!
Create a Personal Introduction to Yourself Using a Web 2.0 Tool 

CREATE a personal introduction following these 6 assignment directions:

  1. Create a symbolic depiction of yourself – use photographs, digital images, video, graphics, drawings, sketches, designs, audio recordings, music and color to represent YOU.
  2. This is YOUR representation of YOU–> YOUR: (1) Strengths (2) Skills (3) Values (4) Interests.
    What are they? When did you discover them? How did you learn you had them? How do they shape you?
  3. Choose symbols that tell something about yourself — try to avoid using any words.
  4. Include pictures, video, audioHAVE FUN highlighting the strengths, skills, values, & interests that make you…You! 
  5. Add a paragraph or audio to explain why you chose the symbols/graphics/pictures.
  6. Gather all your information together and create something fun!

WEB2.0 TOOL….You will use a (free) Web 2.0 tool and you are free to choose whichever one you'd like, including, but not limited to:

Use whichever creative, ONLINE tool that best fits YOUR style and allows you to be your most creative!   NOTE: Powerpoint is NOT a Web 2.0 tool unless you’re on SkyDrive .

IMPORTANT: Make sure your presentation is "PUBLISHED" (and not "shared"), so it is PUBLIC and can be viewed by others. With a Web2.0 presentation you are submitting only the URL (the web address) where it can be found online.

 SUBMIT your presentation URL TWO Times: 

  1. Submit the URL (web address) of your presentation to OnlineHS using the following link to Presentation Submission Form 
  2. Once inside your course, you will share this presentation by pasting the URL (web address) of your online presentation into the Introductory Discussion Board Assignment. You’ll also get to see others from your classmates!  

IMPORTANT NOTE:  You should NEVER post any confidential or personally identifying information online unless you make a conscious decision to do so.

View: Your Internet Privacy & Web2.0 Tools 

If you have taken an OnlineHS course previously and completed this assignment, please feel free to use your previous presentation.