The Sword in the Stone

Tintagel’s king, Uther Pendragon, was killed in battle against the Saxons. He had one son, but that son was just a newborn. The baby was called Arthur. Arthur’s mother ran away with him and gave him to Sir Ector. There were many dukes and petty kings, but no one could agree on a rightful king. Merlin, a magician, suggested a way to find the true king for all the Britons. He placed a sword in a stone. The sword has these words engraved onto it: “Whoever pulls this sword from this stone is the rightful king.” Years passed without anyone being able to draw the sword.

     When Arthur grew to young manhood, a jousting tournament was held to determine the rightful king to lead the Britons in battle against the Saxons. Arthur was too young to compete, but Sir Ector’s son, Sir Kay, was old enough. Sir Kay was extremely confident that he would win. He was always saying to Arthur, “When I’m king, you can be my steward.” Arthur was very excited about becoming a steward.

     When the day of the jousting tournament came, Arthur was Sir Kay’s squire, that meant he minded all of Sir Kay’s armour and weapons. Before the tournament started, Sir Kay realized that he didn’t have his sword. He asked Arthur to go back to his home to get it. Arthur frowned, as he knew that their home was very far away and that he would miss many jousting matches.

     He looked around for any available swords and was about to give up hope when he saw a sword sticking out of a stone. Arthur ran over to it and pulled it out. He quickly ran back and gave it to Sir Kay. Seeing the sword, Sir Ector asked Kay where he had got it from. “Arthur gave it to me,” he replied.

Sir Ector was speechless – he read the words on the sword: “Whoever pulls this sword from the stone is the rightful king? Impossible!”


     “I found it over there,” said Arthur, pointing to the stone. Ector ran over to the stone and put the sword back. “Kay, try to pull the sword out,” he said. Kay struggled, he pulled and pulled, but the sword would not budge.

     “Now Arthur, how about you try? Hey, everyone! My Arthur is going to pull the sword out of the stone!”

     A crowd came to watch this boy attempt to pull the sword out of the stone. Arthur placed his hands on the sword, gave a little tug and the sword slipped out with ease.

      “Wow, he really did it!”

     “All hail King Arthur!”

     “Long live the king!”

Arthur then grew up to be Britain’s greatest king.

The Sword in the Stone

Years ago in the town of Camelot there was a jousting tournament. The winner would be king as the country didn’t have one. Arthur, Sir Kay’s adopted brother and Sir Ector’s adopted son, was going to be Sir Kay’s steward and look after his armour and sword. However Arthur, excited about the tournament, forgot about Sir Kay’s sword.

     Sir Kay commanded Arthur to take the long walk back to the castle to fetch his sword. Arthur started running towards the castle as he didn’t want to miss any jousts. On his way, Arthur spotted a peculiar looking stone, which had something sticking out of it. He ran back to see what it was – it was a sword. Arthur glance around to check that no one was watching him. As it looked like no one owned it and it would save him time Arthur decided to take the sword, though he vowed he would put it back after Sir Kay had used it.

     When Arthur got back he gave the sword to Sir Kay. Sir Ector, Sir Kay’s father, asked his son where he had got his sword.  He replied, “Arthur brought me it , Father.” Sir Ector called Arthur over and showed him the engraving on the back of the sword. It said that whoever pulled the sword from the stone would become the king. Arthur was crowned immediately and became King Arthur.

Arthur and the Sword in the Stone

Around 586 AD, when Britain was being invaded by the Anglo-Saxons, Britain needed a proper king to fight against the invaders. They held a tournament and whoever wins would become the King of Britain.

     Arthur was the adopted son of Sir Ector and the adopted brother of Sir Kay. Sir Kay was entering the tournament and Arthur was his squire. Arthur had to prepare his sword, sharpen his lance, polish his shield and dust his armour. It was hard work for Arthur, but little did he know that he was going to be king.

     The tournament began, but Arthur had forgotten Sir Kay’s sword so he had to run back to the castle to get it. While he was running back he spotted a sword in a stone. It didn’t look like it was anyone’s, so he pulled it out and ran back to Sir Kay.  “Where did you get that sword?” Sir Ector asked.

     “Arthur got it for me,” Sir Kay replied.

     “Arthur, where did you get that sword?”

     “I found it in a stone, it didn’t look like it belonged to anyone.”

     “Oh but it does. It belongs to the true ruler of Britain. Look at the inscription – whoever pulls the sword is the rightful King of Britain.”