The Four-Fold Vision

  1. Our vision is to become the largest global Christian faith based healthcare system reducing health disparities among various populations by engaging highly skilled diverse respectful, prayerful and  caring professionals to increase access to care by providing appropriate timely holistic care several days a week for longer hours supported with daily onsite prayers to impact the  lives of patients and teammates with the gospel of Jesus to salvation while implementing the followings to remove barriers to healthcare for all patients.  

  1. To engage in ongoing partnership education of diverse healthcare professionals from all disciplines in our facilities in order to improve the shortage of highly skilled God fearing work force needed for the delivery of high quality holistic optimal healthcare for all clients.

  1. To engage cordial collaborative client-centered partnerships with philanthropists, goodwill individuals, academics and academic institutions,  neighborhood associations, medial agencies, businesses, farmers, security agencies, federal and state governments, local hospitals and medical health agencies, mental health agencies, community agencies, pharmaceutical companies, pharmacies, networks, clubs, societies, churches and church related organizations, national and international organizations, banking and other financial institutions, to engage diplomatic agencies, countries and governments around the world to form to increase access to high quality and affordable Christian faith-based holistic optimal healthcare services and reduce health disparities for humanity.

  1. To inspire the next generation in appreciating and engaging in providing Christian faith-based services for humanity in their communities, their nations, and around the world with dedication to improving their professional disciplines and to  advancing the gospel of Christ to all people.

The Four-Fold Philosophical and Spiritual Tenants:  

  1. That every human being is made in the image of God and thus deserves to be treated with the highest respect as unto Jesus regardless of income, immigration status gender, race, sexual orientation, national origin, religion, or creed by everyone working for or affiliated with this corporation with no exception.
  2. That Jesus Christ is the Great Physician and we trust Him to help us to provide appropriate services at the right time for all people with humility as He has done by washing the feet of His disciples and healing all that were sick including Christians and non-Christians.

  1. We begin the day of work with prayer to express our reliance on God and we end the day with prayer to thank God for guiding us to deliver care as He would have done for all of humanity.

  1. We believe that every human being should prosper in all areas and physically as we strive to make their spirits whole through the gospel of Christ (III John 1:2) In light of this, we emphasize balancing good nutrition, early care, education, exercise, and spiritual development as ingredients for the creation of a high quality optimal health status for our clients and team mates.

Our Values/Beliefs:

We at Christian Global Medical Healthcare, Incorporated believe in the following ten values.

  1. Prayer: We believe in prayer as a channel of  talking to God our Father in praise for his ownership of our lives and by which we make requests for answers to the needs of our clients, our team mates, and for equitable access to high quality appropriate optimal healthcare for all of humanity in desirable settings. We therefore begin our work with prayer and end it with prayer daily with no exceptions. We also offer each patient we encounter the opportunity to pray for them any time during the encounter and never withhold any treatment if they decline to pray for them.

  1. The Holy Bible: We believe the Holy Bible as the unequivocal word of God given to us, to guide our personal, professional, and spiritual lives. Through it we access God’s power to provide supernatural and medical services for our clients and through the Bible we are guided how to treat our teammates and all people.

  1. Faith: We believe that all things can get better for all of humanity if we at Christian Global Medical Healthcare, Incorporated continue to exercise faith that all things that are impossible with man are possible with God through the name of Jesus and the power of the Holy Spirit.

  1. Humility of Service: We believe in serving like Jesus served in a respectful non-biased and non-threatening humble manner for all clients, our team mates, and all of humanity.

  1. Compassion: We believe that understanding what our diverse clients and our diverse team mates are experiencing affect each encounter and by empathizing with them, we can effectively serve them with excellent outcomes.

  1. Relationship: We believe that trust is built through respectful honest godly communication that conveys collaboration, acknowledgment, appreciation, validation, and enhancement (CAAVE) of each other’s talents in the discharge of our duties. That each person is part of the whole team and no one can carry out their functions without all the members of the team in action doing their parts with excellence at the right time and for the right clients and for teammates.  Therefore our clients and teammates are family (Romans 12:4-5) and central to the existence of Christian Global Medical Healthcare, Incorporated.

  1. Integrity:  We believe in honoring our commitments to a Christian faith-based healthcare delivery system and never compromising ethics and the word of God. We commit to adherence to regulatory compliance at all levels of operation in this corporation and encourage our teammates to report any violations to their supervisors or to compliance officers immediately without fear of reprisal.

  1. Confidentiality and Safety: We believe and commit to maintaining a highly confidential and safe work environment at all times without exceptions for our clients, teammates, volunteers, students, business associates, contractors, etc through continual training and implementation of policies and procedures as relating to biblical work place, privacy (HIPAA and Security) laws, workplace violence, OSHA policies, infection control policies, labor law, civil rights law, and others that govern our operations.

  1. Intelligence: We believe in acquiring knowledge, understanding, and wisdom in obedience to God’s word. In keeping with this value we provide our diverse clients with culturally enriched health education to keep them current in understanding and managing their disease processes and we provide resources for ongoing education of diverse teammates to keep them current and culturally competent in the discharge of duties in their particular disciplines. We actively participate in the education of diverse students of all disciplines in our facilities to improve the shortage of highly skilled health professionals needed to deliver care locally, nationally, and around the world.

  1. Performance and Innovation: We demonstrate excellence in everything we do now with continuous improvements from what has be learned from the past and we invent the future through curiosity for new ideas on effective delivery of high quality appropriate optimal Christian faith based timely healthcare services in desirable settings to increase access and reduce health disparities for many clients.


Through diverse but united teammates implementing the vision that is undergirded by great philosophy and strong values, we commit to achieving the following ten goals toward our mission of increasing access to reduce health disparities for many clients.

  1. To create a Christian faith-based healthcare delivery system that will increase access to high quality affordable appropriate optimal primary care five days a week and urgent care seven days a week for longer hours of operation in desirable client-centered environments to reduce health disparities for many clients regardless of their immigration status age, gender, race, income, sexual orientation, national origin, religion, and creed in the first ten years. We will endeavor thereafter to also increase access to primary, urgent, and other healthcare services.

  1. To increase client visits by 30% each year for the next five years through superior prayerful compassionate humble non-biased and non-threatening innovative healthcare that will lead to more and more word of mouth referrals of more clients to our organization.

  1. To increasingly hire Christ led highly skilled caring and respectful diverse professionals to meet the increasing demands for healthcare of diverse clients.

  1. To identify and establish partnerships with specialty and psychiatric consultants, acute, rehabilitative, home health, convalescence, and hospice organizations for prompt referrals of our clients as appropriate in the next five years and beyond.

  1.  To identify and establish contractual/partnership relationships with at least ten professional, community, national, funding, international organizations, and governments to increase access to high quality affordable optimal healthcare services for many people in their desired settings in the next five years.

  1. To strive for and to maintain the collection of 95% or more of reimbursements by third party payers and individuals in the next five years and beyond to buttress  the effectiveness and continuity of the delivery of high quality affordable appropriate optimal health for all powered by prayer to Jesus the Great Physician to touch each client we encounter.

  1. To reduce the number of missed appointments and no shows to 05% or less in the first 12 months of operation through scheduling of follow up care appointments, doing reminder calls to patients about upcoming office visits, flexible access to same day appointments to primary care clinic Monday through Friday except holidays and weekends and to be seen in urgent care seven days a week.

  1. To achieve a maximum wait time of 5 minutes for clients to be seen by the providers after being in checked in for appointments and a maximum of 10 minutes for urgent care patients in the first two years and beyond through prompt respectful client-centered effective care based on strong provider-client relationship, client input in the care being provided, client and family education, and soliciting and implementing ongoing evaluation of care feedback from clients.

  1. To participate in partnership education of many diverse professionals  from different disciplines (medical student interns/residents, nursing students, medical assistant students, advanced practice nursing students, physician assistant students, social work and other students) in our facilities with at least two academic institutions in the first two years and increase affiliations with many more schools and colleges/universities in five years and beyond to improve the shortage of highly skilled healthcare professionals of various backgrounds needed for the delivery of high quality appropriate optimal holistic healthcare for rapidly increasing numbers of clients with complex health issues.  We will ensure all teammates are current and knowledgeable in their particular disciplines through education at work, continued education through local, national, and international conferences/programs, and for some, through formal education toward certification or advanced/additional degrees.

  1. To lead five or more people a month to Jesus through this Christian faith-based healthcare institution in the first year and beyond by providing service as Jesus did and offering to help when asked to uplift the spirit of each client.