#152 - The Angry Chicken: “Title”

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Americas Preliminary

Stats and stuff!


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Conquest Format

Talk about whether it’s good or bad for the game. But also talk about how to prepare for it since many tournaments are using the format.

Conquest V.S. Last Hero Standing

Refresher for newer listeners.

Conquest format has the winner retire the deck they just won with and choose a new one from the roster they brought. The losing player can keep using the deck they lost with, but is in the dark about which deck will be played next.

Last Hero Standing has the losing player retire their deck and choose a new one from the roster they brought. The winning player must continue to play with the same deck until said deck is defeated.

RDU’s thoughts on why Last Hero Standing is better for the players

Crazy Game Stories

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Love the podcast--keeps me entertained on the commute into work here in our nation's capital.  

For all your podcasts I've listened to pondering the enrage mechanic on our favorite incensed foul, I've never seen it happen, much less in competitive play.  And I've seen my share of games--have had multiple legend and 12-win arena runs.  It was with a 5-2 arena Hunter deck that it finally happened.

It all started with a ball of spiders.  Three Web Spinners were my key to card advantage.  That is until the first gave me an angry chicken... But the second, Addled Grizzly.  I pondered these unusual cards and concocted a plan--casting grizzly and our ferocious feathered friend in quick succession. My opponent responded with... Annoy o tron.  But my plucky temperamental friend was not annoyed,  he was enraged! By busting the robot's divine shield, I activated a 7-1 monster.  

Better yet the third webspinner card was a scavenging hyena, ensuring even if my opponent had Big Game Hunter to answer my one mana chicken,  I'd benefit from beast synergy upon its destruction.  Instead, he conceded the following turn, hopeless to defeat the powerful synergy of enrage and a 1/1 bird.  


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Hello TAC crew

I am in the middle of a contest prep for a bodybuilding show and I find myself going on way harder tilts than normal. I am very competitive but hate using tier 1 decks and find a lot of satisfaction in hearthstone and other card games by finding ways to win while playing tier 2 decks so things like midrange hunter and dragon priest are my go to atm. But as these are inconsistent I find myself irrationally angry when a piece of rng that statistically should work out for me over the course of many games has failed to do so over the past week and I've found myself in a free fall of ranks. So my question to you is how do you deal with multiple bad days of hearthstone and long periods of being on tilt?

Thank you

Ps no it's not roid rage as I am lifetime natural.


What's up angry future nuggets?!

I've got an idea for a legendary Rogue card that I think would be pretty cool. Since Rogues use the "undamaged" term on some of its cards, I thought there could be a legendary Rogue card that when played, it will make every enemy minions current health, whether they are damaged or not, their new full health so you can then use backstab, dark iron skulker, or shadow strike to kill minions that you couldn't kill before. Let me know what you guys think! Keep up the good work!


Greetings TAC Crew!

Even after opening 100 or so packs and (only pulling 4 legendaries - 2 from the initial 50 and 1 was Nat. the Darkfisher!?!?!?) there’s still several cards I’m missing.

So, as I’m trying to create a Mage deck based around Yogg-Saron, I had a few holes to fill & not enough dust to create cards to fill them.

Problem - C’Thun decks playing critters on curve.

Answer = Mana Wraith. Yeah that 2/2 for 2 that makes all critters cost 1 more mana - which NO ONE plays.

VS C’Thun & in a spell heavy deck this card is amazing.

It’s instant removal bait & disrupts their curve + if it lives it rarely alters your curve.

Curious if you’ve found any other seldom used cards that undermine the current meta - i.e. Old gods.


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