2015 Wrap Up Newsletter


 facebook.pngDestiny Village - Haiti

Our Mission

Over the last 16 years Destiny Village has focused on the immediate physical and spiritual needs of the children in their orphanage. Those who have done it know how hard it is to just provide food, shelter, clothes, and education for 45 children, not to mention spiritual formation. But it’s worth it!

As another year comes to an end it brings a great time for reflections. As I reflect on 2015 I think of all the blessings that we have received from God through those who believe in us and Destiny Village. We have had so many opportunities to be a part of people's lives. People like Stanley and Bruno whose mother came to us crying, begging us to take hers sons. Realizing she couldn't care for them and had no way to provide she gave them away.

Ed and Leanne

All the way from California, Ed & Leanne are now living at Destiny Village. Their goals: Morning devotions with kids and staff, teaching English skills to the children to make them more marketable for careers outside of DV,  mothering/fathering, teaching about God, celebrating birthdays, and lots of hugs. We are truly blessed to have them at DV!


Helping with everything from organizing, disciplining, leading, loving to teaching, cleaning, and everything else that has to be done when you are raising 40+ kids; Janiry is a key asset to the success of Destiny Village. We have been lucky enough to have her for almost three years and can’t imagine DV without her.


We were so sad to see Orbin leave. Orbin was such a help while he lived at DV this year, but above all he was a great influence to our older boys on how to live a life serving the Lord.


A Message From Rick

People like Lina who at 85 had  lived her entire life in a mud and stick hut. We, through your help, built her a real house. Provided her with her first real bed and mattress and gave her a safe, dry, comfortable place to live. I watched several little boys grow up to be men at Destiny Village and move away to live out what they have learned. We enjoyed fresh water with a purification system, electricity with a great solar energy system and a new truck to continue to aid us in ministry.

Our Guests






We have seen the sick healed, the hungry fed, the naked clothed and people loved into the kingdom. Truly this has been a great year and you are a part. On behalf of all those touched through this ministry we say a heartfelt thank you. May God bless you in the upcoming year as we labor together for His purpose.

Staff Highlights


Stevens serves Destiny Village as our Haitian  director. He graduated from a vocational school to be a mechanic and then went back to college and became a nurse. As director those skills come in handy daily. He also helps lead his church in Pierre Payen. Without his knowledge in dealing with the requirements of the Haitian government we would be lost.


Johnny grew up at Destiny Village and quickly made himself into our most valuable asset. He drives, hosts teams and fulfills the day to day operations of a busy orphanage. He leads worship at DV and also at church. Johnny has started his own sound company providing sound and music to events throughout Haiti. We are proud of how he has allowed God to use him.

Highlights of 2015


Lina’s House: Thanks to a group of Godly men, many prayers, selfless donations and the Lord's provision, Lina is now able to walk through her door into her new home.Lina is in her 80's and suffers from serious arthritis. The pain in her legs and size of her knees are completely debilitating. Lina's previous house did not protect her from the rain and was not very stable.

Christmas:  Once again, because of donations, prayer and a lot of hard work, we were able to have Christmas in Haiti. Not only did each of our children receive an abundance of presents, we were able to pass out presents throughout many villages in Haiti. We also took your donated shoebox gifts, from “Christmas in July” to another local orphanage. Seeing all of the children, big and small, filled with such joy and excitement, was a great way to end the year.

Truck:  Destiny Village desperately needed a new truck. Our previous truck had seen over 300,000 miles, a few accidents, and extremely harsh road conditions. We used this truck for outreaches to surrounding villages, transportation for visiting church groups, and more. In 2015, we got a new truck! Thank you to everyone who helped make this possible, either by donation, prayer, or both.

Want to visit Destiny Village?

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