#192 - The Angry Chicken: “State of the Tavern”


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The 1st Live Dev Insights w/ Brode and Iksar

Ranked Ladder

The Arena

Wild Format

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Hey TAC crew!

Recently I was thinking that Kazakus may be (subjectively) the most FUN Hearthstone card to date. He just feels good to play with or without Brann. Brewing the potions and creating custom spells (within reasonable limits) has added so much to those three classes.

So what are the chances of seeing more cards like Kazakus in the next expansion? There are still six classes that don't benefit from all this happy happy funtime! What would you like to see?

Personally, I was thinking a sort of Legendary Blacksmith for Warrior, Paladin, and Rogue. Similar to Kazakus, you would have a mana option to start the crafting of the weapon. Based on that first choice, you'd have a variety of options moving forward. Thoughts?


Bill C

Sup cluckers,

In one of the recent podcasts, someone asked a questions about whether the standard rotation was a success, and you guys felt that it had been successful in shaking up the meta. But how much of that shake up was from the rotation and how much was just from new cards? If the rotation was the reason for the shakeup, shouldn't the standard and wild metas be distinctly different?

I find myself wanting to play Wild when I get tired of playing as/against the same 4-5 decks and from rank 15-20, I get that breath of fresh air. But as I climb, I start running into standard decks with just 1 or 2 Wild cards teched in.

Have you guys had a similar experience? Is this a rank 10-15 phenomenon? As I said, I like to play Wild when I get tired of standard decks, so once I start facing a bunch of them in Wild, I either just switch back to standard, tank my rating back down to the "fun" range, or turn the game off.

If the goal of standard was to create two distinct playing environments, I think it failed.


Hello Incensed Fowl!

I have had the pleasure of being a new Hearthstone player over the last two weeks. I heard your most recent podcast and your discussion about the new player, and would like to chime in. I am very much enjoying the game so far, and will go into detail about my experience and thoughts so far.

The reason I got into Hearthstone was that a friend of mine played, and I knew a little about it. I decided to give it a try, and after the tutorial I was hooked. I decided I was going to be a completely free-to-play player. I have several other hobbies, most of which already eat money, and I can still have lots of fun without spending the money.

I started off with the tutorial, unlocked all of the classes, bought a pack or two with gold, looked for advice online, then went into the arena. After losing quickly there, I tried the expert Innkeeper and some casual PvP. I started playing more ranked games, and dusted all of my cards from the classes I was ignoring in order to craft a C'Thun mage deck. I'm currently rank 17, which says it's the top 45% of Hearthstone players, which is just an absolute rush. I have spent absolutely 0 of my own money on the game, although that may change. I did buy the first wing of League of Explorers with gold though, so now I have Reno and can play around with that!

My experience has been completely positive. I've had my experience of losing several games in a row, but I've also experienced a 6 game win streak which is completely awesome. However, I still have no clue what to do in arena, as opposed to the general Hearthstone experience, which is EXTREMELY easy to pick up.

Thank you so much for your work with the podcast. If you have any questions or want to know more about my new player experience just let me know!


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