Home-schooled student means a student legally enrolled in an Arkansas home school and who meets or has met the criteria for being a home-schooled student, as established by A.C.A. § 6-15-503.

Interscholastic activity means an activity between schools subject to regulations of the Arkansas Activities Association that is outside the regular curriculum of the school district, such as an athletic activity, fine arts program, or a special interest group or club.

Each school in the District shall post on its website its schedule of interscholastic activities, including sign-up, tryout, and participation deadlines, at least one semester in advance of those activities. A hard copy of the schedule shall be available upon request.1

Home-schooled students whose parents or guardians are legal residents of the school district will be permitted to pursue participation in an interscholastic activity in the student's resident school zone2 as permitted by this policy.  Although not guaranteed participation in an interscholastic activity home-school students who meet the provisions of this policy, AAA Rules, and applicable Arkansas statutes shall have an equal opportunity to try out and participate in an interscholastic activities without discrimination.

To be eligible to try out and participate in interscholastic activities, the student or the parent of a student shall mail or hand deliver the student's request to participate to the student's school's principal before the signup, tryout or participation deadline established for traditional students. Additionally, the student shall demonstrate academic eligibility by obtaining a minimum test score of the 30th percentile or better in the previous 12 months on the  Stanford Achievement Test Series, Tenth Edition; another nationally recognized norm-referenced test; or a minimum score on a test approved by the State Board of Education.

A student who meets the requirements for eligibility to participate in an interscholastic activity is required to register for no more than one course3 in the District's school where the student is intending to participate in an interscholastic activity.

The student shall regularly attend the class in which the student is registered beginning no later than the eleventh (11) day of the semester in which the student's interscholastic activity participation is desired. The student must attend the practices for the interscholastic activity to the same extent as is required of traditional students.

A home-schooled student who has met the try out criteria; and who has been selected to participate in the interscholastic activity shall meet the following criteria that also apply to traditional students enrolled in the school:

Students who participate in extracurricular or athletic activities under this policy will be transported to and from the interscholastic activities on the same basis as other students are transported.

A student who withdraws from an Arkansas Activities Association member school to be home-schooled shall not participate in an interscholastic activity in the resident school district for a minimum of three hundred sixty-five days after the student withdraws from the member school.

Notes:          1 This paragraph is not statutorily required, but without advance determination of the timelines, there will be no way for a parent to know when, or even for what semester, they will have to make their application to the district. Such information will benefit all students.

2 Only include "or their applicable attendance zone's school" if your district has more than one school per grade configuration.

3 You can only require one course, but a district may permit a student to register for more than one course.

4 Include "drug testing" only if your district conducts such tests.  

Legal References:        A.C.A. § 6-15-509        

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