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SAP UI5/Fiori

Practical Program Sheet    

SAP UI5 Overview:

·         Overview of SAP UI5/Fiori

·         Difference between Web Application and Business Application.

·         Architecture of SAP UI5/Fiori

·         Overview on MVC Model

·         Overview on End to End Data Flow

Introduction to SAP UI5 IDE (WEBIDE)

·         Overview about WEBIDE

·         Creating an Account in HANA Cloud.

·         Accessing the WEBIDE using the URL.

·         Exercise Creating a Sample Project using WEBIDE

·         Exercise on Creating a Sample Views and Understanding the Complete Flow

Introduction to View & Controllers

·         Creating a View

·         Understanding the View’s Controller

·         Understanding the Controller’s Hook Methods

·         Exercise on Creating a Sample View and Implementing Controller Methods

Working with various properties of basic UI Elements

·         Working with different properties of basic UI Elements

·         Dynamically changing the properties of the UI Elements

·         Exercise on Dynamically changing the properties of the UI Elements

Introduction to Different Layouts

·         What is a Layout

·         Various Layouts in SAP UI5/Fiori

·         Working with Vertical, Horizontal, Flexbox ,Simple form Layouts

·         Exercise on Creating a Form Using various Layouts

Validating the User Input

·         Types of Validation

·         Exercise on Mandatory Data Validation

·         Exercise on Valid Data Validation (like.. email, phone number , pin code)

·         Exercise on Showing Red Color Input Field and Error Messages.

Message Handling

·         Various types of Messages in SAP UI5/Fiori

·         Showing Error, SUCCESS, Warning , Information Messages

·         Exercise on Showing Various Messages in SPA UI5/Fiori

Communicating with SAP Back End system Using OData Service

·         Creating OData Model to communicate with OData Service

·         Pulling and submitting data with Backend System using OData Service

·         Performing the CRUD Operations(create, read, update, delete)

·         Exercise on CRUD Operations using  OData Service

Internationalization in SAPUI5

                        ·         Creating i18n folder

·         Maintaining property bundles for various languages

·         Making the application to support for multiple languages

Content Density in SAPUI5

·         What is the Content density and its purpose

·         Setting the Content density classes in component.

·         Loading the Compact and Cozy content desties.

Deploying the Application

·         Deploying Application using SAP WEBIDE

·         Deploying the Application using Eclips

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