Computer-Based Course Grading & Scoring

Columbine Senior High School


Gina Hansen, Instructor

Grading generally occurs every month for Assignments or Project Completion. Grades in this class will be based on a four-point Common Core Assessment including a list of everything needed to earn a perfect score. Major work will be divided into the following categories.

20% Participation & Teamwork

40% Projects

10% Tests & Quizzes

30% Daily Work from Google Drive Agenda Assignments

The following represents the grading scale used in class:

A+        >100%

A        92%-98%

A-        90%-91%

B+        89%-89%

B        82%-88%

B-        80%-81%

C+        79%-79%

C        72%-78%

C-        70%-71%

D+        69%-69%

D         62%-68%

D-         60%-61%

F         <59

Students are given the opportunity to show they can complete the skill for each project, but sometimes require additional time. Students who need this time may come during Access to makeup the Work. That doesn’t mean wait til the last day to begin work on a project, but for those who continue to work during class, this is a great opportunity for them to earn ALL points on class projects.

NOTE: AP Computer Science Principles includes a .2 GPA boost as well as a Jeffco Geometry+ Math Credit earning students credit for Graduation

NOTE: Starting Fall 2018, Programming & Web Design will count as a 1 semester credit, dual enrollment course, earning students college credit at Arapahoe Community College

NOTE: Starting Fall 2018, Multimedia II will also need to include a section for helping around campus earning a 25% Performance & Live Sound Show Setup (1 per quarter; outside of class time; opportunities to volunteer will be provided on the in-class lists)