topic: Combine development groups from CSS, relational database, and V4


we have agreed that this would be reasonable and have further agreed to put this on a 4 month schedule. The groups that are developing in these areas include:

database domains: MSU, BNL, ESS and Cosylab

control system studio: ornl, msu, bnl and iter

v4: psi, slac, bnl, diamond, cosylab

The next developer's meeting is scheduled at the end of April at Diamond.

To resolve:

The following meeting will be September. I would like to propose either BNL or MSU for this meeting. (SLAC would be next up in the US if Greg is there to host it and they have enough interest).

The one that follows that will be in January - Cosylab has agreed to host it. (ESS and ITER should get into the rotation when it helps things at their site)


Topic: organization for the EPICS meeting


For the general meeting we have suggested the talks as follows:

Overview of V3 to V4:    Andrew

Why PVData, PVAccess instead of REST:  Greg

V4 PVSrv: Ralph

followed by user presentations on:

Clients:     EGET     Greg

                Matlab   Timo

                Python   (from BNL - I will look into this)

                CSS       Matej


Channel Finder Server: Ralph (or one of the users of it)

Masar service: Guobao

                elog service: Kunal (presented by Eric or Gabriele)

                archive service: David

Image service (and NDArray service from Michael?)   David

model services that are done by then......   Greg/Guobao

                archiving V4 strcutures:   Nikolay/Murali

 This is nearly two sessions of the main portion of the EPICS meeting. That seems like a reasonable time period for this work.


AI: authors - please confirm that you will provide these talks, all confirm that this list is compete


The developers part of the meeting should be used to resolve issues that we are having in the development. Monday can be devoted to V4 internals. On Tuesday, we will have services discussions. In the AM we can focus on issues for relational database connection and explicitly include those trying to do this from the database domain developers. On Tuesday afternoon, we can focus on the CSS integration and applications that are being developed on top of this.


AI: We were going to give this agenda to Greg - but let me break into two parts: Greg does Monday, I will try to pawn off Tuesday on the CSS and database domain developers.



topic: ICALEPCS meeting


We have decided that Saturday is the only time that the EPICS community has to come together. This should be used for release planning on version 3. We will also want to highlight any development going into version 3. In addition, we should use this for particularly EPICS type issues. I propose that I put this agenda together only because Andrew is not going to attend. I propose that we focus on developments and issues people are having with base - or new platforms for base.

Please argue that you would prefer to create this agenda.

For the main part of the meeting, we will forward two papers as a group:

Version 4 status: Timo Korhonen

Physics services: Greg White               (should this include the general services as well)


AI: Greg to circulate the abstract that should be done Friday to meet a Monday deadline

AI: Time to circulate the abstract