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Build Phase League Play:

BPLP is designed to connect VS Players from all around the globe to provide a more diverse meta experience than a local play group. With the support of the community we can make BPLP a place for competitive play and just for fun games. Our focus is to provide players with the framework to connect, test, and play with others outside their local meta, without having the travel or pressure of a tournament. The BPLP is here for every VS player who faces geographical or time restrictions that prevent in person play. We are here to have fun and want to fill the League with players who feel the same.

Rules for Play:

The League will aim to have 10 players. The player with the highest win total will be crowned the champion. First and Second place players will be referred to as “Main Character” and “Supporting Character”. The Main Character of each season will be allowed to choose the card the next season is named after and receive a prize.

Each Season may have additional rules or deckbuilding restrictions to keep things fresh and interesting during League Play.  Each week of the season players may choose to bring the same deck or a new list. It is up to the player.

League participation:

Players are required to participate on a weekly basis. League members that have played through the whole season will have a dedicated spot on the roster for season 2. If a player continuously misses matches then that player will be warned. After the initial warning you will be removed from the season and your spot will no longer be locked in for the following season. If a player leaves the league for any reason their information will be removed once we have written confirmation. Otherwise the information will be removed once the season is over.

All league players will be required to provide two forms of communication. IE: Facebook, email, phone number, private message on The forum, etc. This is to ensure players have a method of communication for scheduling their match up. These contacts will be listed on the League page at This page will only be accessible to those playing in the league to ensure privacy of contact information. This information will be removed at the end of each season.

Length of the Season will be determined by participation and Division. Players are only required to play one match a week per Division. If you sign up for both Divisions, you will be expected to play one game for each. Results from one Division will have no bearing on the other. We also encourage play outside of league play,but additional practice games cannot be used for League results.

Match ups will be provided by The BPLP team, however, it is up to the players to make contact with each other and agree on a time for play.

Players are responsible for talking through any issues they may run into with card or game play rules. Reps from the BPLP will not be available for judging. We are all adults, so please take responsibility for yourself and your actions. The BuildPhase will provide you with the appropriate links and tools to make the correct call during a game if there are questions. If players cannot agree on a game issue, our default position is to call the game a draw and move on.

Match Ups:

Match play is simple. Players are expected to set aside one hour for their weekly BPLP match. Players will only be required to play one match to determine the winner of that pairing. As previously stated this format can be subject to change based on participation and feedback from League members.

  • Matches will not be moderated by league representatives. It is the responsibility of the players to discuss and work through whatever issues may arise during play. The BPLP will provide you resources for card and game play rules. If additional discussion is required, you can reach out to league reps through the forum or their preferred method of communication.
  • Players may use any medium they choose to play their match. These include, but are not limited to, OCTGN, in person, webcam, Skype, Hangouts, etc. As long as both players agree to the chosen method, it is fine.
  • Players may play additional games if agreed upon. However, the results of any additional play will not change the initial result of league match (the first game).
  • If a player does not show up within the initial thirty minutes of the scheduled match time, then the player will forfeit the match by default. The winner is responsible for reporting results.
  • Players are allowed to reschedule match ups if both parties agree to a new time and update the pairing thread at

League Scheduling:

Schedules will be released on Mondays and all games will be completed no later than the following Sunday. It is the responsibility of the winner to report the results. Failure to report results will result in a draw.

We here at The BuildPhase understand that not everyone’s schedule will be the same each week. This is why we allow players to work out the match time among themselves to determine which time works best for players that week.

If for any reason a player cannot reach their opponent, it is perfectly acceptable to call them out on the forum!

Guidelines for handling an illegal deck build:
An illegal build is defined as any deck that breaks the rules of the game (such as 5 copies of an SC), breaks the rules of a card (running two copies of the same Mary Walker), or breaks the rules of that Season of League play (an off team SC during a mono team season).
If you realize your opponent is running an illegal deck you have three options on how to proceed.
1- You may continue with the game after noting the illegal card. If you choose to continue you
 to play out the match the results are final.
2- You may allow your opponent to fix the deck on the spot and play a rematch immediately.
3- You may choose to schedule a rematch. If the rematch isn't completed by Sunday then the player who brought the illegal deck will be considered to be unprepared for play and the match will be decided as if that player failed to show up.
If you and your opponent cannot decide on one of these three options, document the illegal deck with screenshots and contact Team BuildPhase. We will do our best to come to a fair ruling on how to proceed. Any accusations of cheating will require screenshots. By default we will assume all players are innocent unless proven otherwise.

OCTGN Instruction:

OCTGN is a free table top simulator. Episode 49 of The Build Phase podcast talks about setting this program up on your computer. There are also links here to video tutorials on OCTGN.

Ways to play

In order for League games to take place all over the world we will be using online tools. For more information you will need to join a facebook group. Email us to get an invitation to that group.
BPLP should not be looked at as a way to play VS without buying the cards. All players are expected to purchase ink and paper cards. Participation in BPLP constitutes your affirmation that you did purchase all cards used.


Season 3: Giftwrapped will consist of one Division.

All matches for Season 3 will be played with Loyalty Decks. This means all cards in your deck that HAVE an affiliation must have the same affiliation.

Cards with no team affiliation, such as Kobik or Shock to the System may also be included.

Starting in Season 2 BPLP will be divided into two Divisions, Try Hard (TH) and Kitchen Table (KT). The decision to split the League was based on player feedback.

Try Hard Division will be designed to closely mirror a tournament setting. Players are expected to bring their best meta decks and should expect to encounter those kinds of decks.
Pairings each week will be determined by player record. Tie breakers will be implemented if needed to cut to a top number of players for the playoff. The cut will be determined on player participation but we anticipate that it will be a 4 player playoff.

Kitchen Table Division will be a place to just have fun. Janky combo decks and edge case nonsense are expected in this format. Tier 1 meta decks aren’t meant to be played here. This is where we act silly and play with Daredevil.
To that end, pairings will be posted at the beginning of the Season. Our goal is to make sure every participant will play each other at least once. MC and SC will be determined based on record and a playoff will only happen if there are ties.

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