This policy is called:

Out of hours and lettings

It applies to:

Lordswood Boys’ School, Lordswood Girls’ School and Sixth Form Centre

Person responsible for its revision:

Academies Director of Development and Outreach




On all three public sites, and staff launch pages

Monitored by:

Trust Board


March 2017: Appendix A to be updated annually

Review  frequency:


Date of next approval:

March 2018





Lordswood Academies Trust believes that its schools should be an integral part of the local community.  By making school facilities available to members of the community through lettings, the Trust can both facilitate community engagement through letting its facilities at competitive rates and supplement the Trust’s budget which in turn benefits its students.





The types of lettings available at the schools are related to education and leisure activities as well as other organised activities such as charity and fundraising events.


Priority will be given to parent groups, local community and youth groups. However lettings will not be made to any person less than 18 years of age.


All lettings should be cost effective. Where costs are not covered, this must be justified for reasons which would benefit the school and be approved by the Executive Headteacher or Trust in advance.


School and extra-curricular classes as well as whole school events take precedence over any other activities which require the use of school premises outside the school day.  During examination periods, hirers may be asked to relocate temporarily to a different facility.


If it is intended to organise a public performance or entertainment, or performance of music, singing or dancing to which members of the public are admitted, hirers are advised to consult the Director of Development and Outreach in advance to ensure that the school premises are adequately licensed for the purpose before submitting a firm application.


The Trust will not allow facilities to be used for political or religious meetings and any lettings for these or any related purposes will be at the discretion of the Trust.





All income from lettings will be credited to Lordswood Academies Trust bank account, out of which related expenses are to be met.


The lettings charges will be reviewed annually.  The charges set are available in each school and displayed on the school websites. Please see Appendix A.


Currently Lordswood Academies Trust does not charge VAT on facility hire. This may change in the future.


Booking Procedure and Regulations


1. Applications


Applications for hire of the facilities for regular use or occasional bookings must be made on an official booking form (Appendix B). If the Trust accepts the application, the person signing the application shall be deemed to be the hirer and as such the person responsible to the Trust for the payment of charges and compliance with the conditions of hire. The Trust reserves the right to refuse any application without stating the reasons for doing so.


2. Payment


A deposit of £50.00 is required with all ‘one off’ bookings, which is returnable in full after the hire has taken place, provided no damage has been caused to school property, in which event, an appropriate deduction will be made. In the event of cancellation, the deposit will only be returned if appropriate notice is given.


Hirers will be invoiced, and payment must be made in full within 14 days after the invoice date.  Failure to do so may result in cancellation of your booking.  Where possible payment should be made through BACS. Cheques should be made payable to ‘Lordswood Academies Trust ’.



3. Cancellation


By the Trust


The Trust reserves the right to cancel any lettings if the accommodation is required for urgent official or academic business. In these circumstances the Director of Development and Outreach will give as much notice to the hirer as possible and shall endeavour to offer an alternative space, time or date; where this is not possible, the hirer will be fully reimbursed.


By the Hirer


All cancellations or postponements shall be notified in writing to the Director of Development and Outreach giving at least 7 days notice.  If notice is not provided

then any booked dates that the hirer does not use, will be charged at the full rate or at the rate agreed within the original signed contracts.


4. Supervision


The hirer shall ensure that there is adequate supervision for the activity / event in order to ensure safety and shall take due precaution for the prevention of accidents.


The hirer is responsible for ensuring all safeguarding requirements are met and that DBS checks are in place for their staff for all activities with children and young people.


5. Insurance and Indemnity


The hirer accepts full responsibility for any damage to or theft of Lordswood Girls’ School / Boys’ School property occurring during the period for which the premises are hired.


The Trust accepts no liability for the loss of personal property brought into or left in the premises during the letting. Where school storage is used, the hirer will leave equipment at their own risk.


The hirer accepts that they should familiarise themselves with the position of telephones, escape routes, fire alarms and fire-fighting equipment.


The hirer further agrees to indemnify Lordswood Academies Trust against all claims, actions and liabilities arising from the use of the premises by the hirer apart from claims and actions arising through the negligence of the Trust.


The hirer holds full responsibility for the safety of all participants during the hire.


If necessary the hirer shall make his/her own arrangements for Public Liability Insurance and employer’s liability if applicable. A copy of all relevant insurance policies must be submitted to the Director of Development and Outreach. 



6. General

 The hirer must agree that no equipment will be used without prior approval and that the installation of the hirer’s equipment will be carried out by competent personnel. All electrical equipment brought onto the school site must carry a current PAT test label.


The hirer must ensure that the facilities have been left in a clean and tidy state, ready for use by the school.  Should the premises not be left in a satisfactory state by the hirer, the Trust may make a charge for additional cleaning time.


Should the hirer still be on the premises beyond the stipulated time of the letting, the Trust may charge up to the actual time the hirer vacated the premises, and may also charge for any additional security cover as a result of the extended use.


Any persons using the school car parks do so at their own risk and the Trust cannot accept responsibility for any damage caused to their vehicles.


It is the responsibility of the hirer to ensure that there is no smoking anywhere on the school premises.  This includes outside areas as well as within the building.



This policy will be monitored every new financial year.




Appendix A


LETTINGS CHARGES 1st APRIL 2017– 31st March 2018


Area/Room available to hire


 (per hour)

Mon - Fri


 (per hour)

Weekends & Bank Holidays






Gymnasium package – gym, changing rooms and canteen seating area




Media Arts Suite (LGS only)





Drama Studio




Netball Court (LGS only)




Sports Field









Hall package – hall, ante hall, conservatory and canteen seating area (LGS only)




General Classroom




Equipment hire i.e. Piano­ (LGS only), Microphones, speakers, lighting, projector



 Storage – Annual Charge



Block-booking discount

Hirers that block-book  will receive the following discount:

4 weeks – 5%

8 weeks – 10%

12 weeks or more – 15%

16 weeks or more – 20%

All charges include use of the school’s toilets, car park and promotion of the class if required to Lordswood parents and staff.  The hire of these areas is currently exempt from V.A.T. Please note that, for one off bookings, a refundable deposit of £50.00, in addition to the letting charge is required.  BACS payment is preferable. Cheques should be made payable to Lordswood Academies Trust and should be sent to the Finance Department of Lordswood Academies Trust.

Appendix B


Person Responsible for Letting:



On behalf of (Organisation/Club):



Address of Person Responsible:




Email address:


Telephone Number of Person Responsible:


Invoice Address if different from above:





Purpose of Letting:




Cost of Letting and amount to be invoiced:


Requested Date(s) for Letting:



Requested Time(s) for Letting:




Requested Area for Letting: (See Charges for areas available)


Appropriate policies and procedures in place in regard to safeguarding children.


I hereby agree to hire and use the rooms/facilities/equipment in accordance with the regulations and charges outlined in the Lordswood Academies Trust Lettings Policy

Signed (person responsible):




For Office Use – Set up on FMS


Risk Assessment completed


Public Liability Insurance checks completed



Please return this form to Rose McInerney, Lordswood Girls’ School, Knightlow Road, Harborne, Birmingham, B17 8QB.




Appendix C

DETAILS OF ACTIVITY  (Risk Assessment)


To be completed by Hirer prior to booking taking place


Name and Nature of Activity



Approximate Number of Participants



Are there any risks involved with Activity?



How will these risks be addressed?








Have you arranged with the Trust how to operate technical equipment if required?