#198 - The Angry Chicken: “Unicorn Funeral”


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Intro:  Welcome to The Angry Chicken!

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Shout out to our Orlando HCT player Vanqswisher and our Tavern Heroes that all fought hard during the prelims this past weekend. Dirty Rat is now public enemy no.1 as far as I’m concerned. So gross.


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Year of the Mammoth Incoming

Hall of Fame

Classic set cards that are seeing too much play, homogenizing the game, and will be added to the Hall of Fame set which will be Wild ONLY.

Don’t Disenchant Hall of Fame cards

Bye bye Adventures (not really), hello more cards!




Live Dev Insights

With Ben Brode (Game Director) and Mike Donais (Principal Game Designer)

Hall of Fame

No more Adventures/3 Expacs a year


Team 5 Talks

Iksar on Team Size

After mentioning that there are only “3-4 of us” on the Hearthstone balance team, Iksar specific that: “Yes. Design team is around 15 people now. Live Content (Brawls, Firesides, Other Events), Initial Design (Card Designs, Mechanic Designs, Set Flavor and Theme), System Design (Ranked Systems, Tons of Other Systems), Final Design (Set Tuning, Card Design, Mechanic Design), and Mission Design (Mission Design, Card Design). We also have Ben that directs the ship and another sort of jack of all trades designer than works a lot on new player experience, matchmaking, and flavor things. That said, we all help each other out quite a bit and the real list of things each individual person does is more like 20 bullet points rather than 2. That's the general gist though.” He also added on the Ui team after.

Max McCall returns to talk about Combo Decks

Druid of the Claw is finally getting new card text

Brode: “We have adjusted Druid of the Claw's wording in an upcoming patch.”-


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Dragon Priest



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Hello everyone,

I listen to your show every week, but this is my first email to a podcast. I'm concerned with the new format for Hearthstone. I think they're going to lose a lot of casual players with the new 3 expansions of 130 cards each year. I liked the small set of cards they put in the adventure because at least I got all the cards. Over time I could still work on getting the bigger expansions completed. Now, to get every card it’s going to cost 600 bucks a year, which is a bit much for casual players.

Will that's my rant for today. I would very much like to know what you guys have to say about my thoughts.



Patreon Thanks

TAC is supported by our epic Patrons. You can become a TAC Patron by going to Patreon.com/tac. Becoming a TAC patron gives you access to the TAC Skype account for the Patron Call-in episodes as well as the aftershow video.

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