JIMMIE BONES -  ‘Snakebit And Wandering’

                                                            Funky D Records



   This is the debut recording of Jimmie ‘Bones’ Trombly after twenty years in the music business and playing on multi platinum selling recordings. Starting in Detroit with Robert Bradley’s Blackwater Surprise he soon joined forces with an unknown rapper named Kid Rock handling keyboards, backing vocals and harmonica in Rock’s Twisted Brown Trucker band since 19996 and has numerous co-writing credits.

   ‘Snakebit and Wandering’ is the first glimpse of Jimmie Bones on his own covering vocals, piano and organ, featuring the backing by the Howling Diablos, Erik Gustafson guitar, Mo Hollis or Mike Marshall bass, Johnny Bee Badanjek drums and numerous guests. All songs were written by Jimmie Bones and old friend, producer Tino Gross.  Jimmie’s tough, mature vocals lead every song with a solid old-school blues rock groove.

   His heavy left hand leads ‘Snakebit And Wandering’ with shades of Dr. John and a swampy groove that slips into ‘Bring It On Over’ that feels like The Band but it’s the vocals and organ that carry over guitarist Wayne Kramer’s squawking wah wah, Bone’s piano, organ and voice lament ‘When It’s Your Turn To Cry’ as the wail of James Wailin’s harmonica, the bellow of David McMurray’s sax flow together but it’s Jimmie’s lyrics that are the most stinging. Bones takes it to the top and never lets up, singing ‘I Can’t Get Enough Of You’ only pulling back for guitarist Jim McCarty to cut loose with a biting solo, it has the feel of a radio ready hit.  A stand out track track ‘Come As You Are,’ confesses ‘but you’re never gonna leave as you came’ a bit of blue-eyed soul driven by Jimmie Bones’ heartfelt performance. With a driving pace, Springsteen-like storytelling, McCarty blasting Chuck Berry licks but it’s the powerful vocals that fuel this ‘Train Don’t Stop.,  Jimmie is burdened by what he can’t or won’t change in the bluesy ‘Cross That I Bear’ with powerful guitar from Trucker band mate Kenny Olson and taut whine of Jeff Grand’s slide against his piano. As a slow blues piano intro leads into his gruff whispered Waits-like intro, as Bones shakes off the dust from the ‘Devil’s Trail’ then testifies with rockin gospel ‘Put Your Hands Together’ it’s Bones’ warm rousing vocals that save your soul. A trio of guitar slingers: Wayne Kramer, Tino Gross and Mary Cobra, swarm around the piano on ‘Honey Flow’ Kramer’s stinging solo rocks with an energy matched by Jimmie’s vocals. Bones belts out in a Twisted Brown Trucker style and attitude asking ‘Think Ya Wanna Know My Name’ while a strong female back up wail takes Jimmie to the ‘Walk Away Side.’

   Jimmie Bones has been warming up to ‘Snakebit And Wandering’ for twenty plus years and it may be one of the best first releases I’ve heard in a while.--Roger & Margaret White

                              BIG CITY RHYTHM & BLUES MAGAZINE  JUNE/JULY 2017