Local CJRL Advisory Boards function in an advisory capacity to the local library and to the Regional Library Board of Trustees and Director.  

The Advisory Board plays an important role representing the interests of the community in reviewing library policies, programs and initiatives. The Advisory Board exists for the purpose of providing the Regional Library Board of Trustees and the Library Director with the advice of a panel of citizens who are both well informed as a group about the Library and who also, as individuals, represent diverse areas of experience and concern, providing a spectrum of insights by which community needs and desires, as they relate to library resources and services, can be interpreted.

Advisory boards members have the right to appear and are encouraged to appear before and speak at a Regional Board of Trustee meetings.

Participation in advisory boards is non-compensatory.




In Copiah County, the local boards are appointed by the city administrators.  In Jefferson County, the local Board of Trustees is a county board and is appointed by the Board of Supervisors.  In either case, the members should reside in the area served by the library to which they have been appointed.


Advisory Board members may not also be members of the Library Board of Trustees, a current library staff member, a city/county official, or an officer in an affiliated Friend of the Library chapter.


The Library Advisory Committee will exercise its own discretion about its agenda and the frequency of its meetings, and it will elect its own chair.  

The normal term of appointment for members will be three years.  

Advisory board meetings are open to the public.  Meeting notices should be published at least 7 days in advance of a scheduled meeting.

The Regional Library Director is invited to attend all local board meetings and has the right to speak in an advisory capacity.




Prohibited Activities