NESCBWI 2016 Conference

The Power of (RE) INVENTION

April 29th through May 1st, 2016.

Springfield MA

Workshop Proposal Submissions Information

Being successful as a writer or illustrator means changing what doesn’t work, and that means reinvention. Whether it’s reinventing a manuscript, a brand, or trying something altogether new. That’s why our theme this year is The Power of (RE) INVENTION.

Tips, Tricks, and General Information:

  1. Proposals will be open to submission for SCBWI PAL members starting June first, for everyone else starting July first, and will close on AUGUST FIRST, 2015.
  2. Make sure to write your proposals in another doc and then copy and paste them in to the proposal form. There will be space within the form to submit more than one.
  3. Afterward, don’t misplace your proposals--you’ll need them if we accept yours.
  4. We start the process of letting you know if we’ve accepted your workshops as early as September, everyone will know by the end of October.
  5. Things you need to provide through the form: title of presentation, your bio (under 125 words), description of presentation (250 words or less), detailed outline, and learning outcomes.

We receive hundreds of proposals each year. There are always exceptions, but the majority of workshops we accept are from New England SCBWI members who submit as a single presenter and give more than one workshop at the conference. Feel free to submit three or four workshops so we have choices.

We start building our supportive community now, and we give preference to presenters who have been respectful, honest, and thoughtful to the needs of our conference goers in the past. We also love to bring in new authors, agents, editors, art directors, and workshop presenters. The job of faculty at the conference is to impart their expertise in a way that attendees can hear it.  

If you have questions, please email Heather, Josh, or Marilyn at nescbwi16(at)gmail(dot)com. (But read the following answers before you email!)

Frequently Asked Questions:

1. How closely do I need to stick to the theme, The Power of (RE) INVENTION?


Through the programming of our conference, we want to empower our conference goers to reinvent their brand, their tools, or their product, but we need other types of workshops too. Use your best judgment. A good rule of thumb is to submit at least one craft workshop and at least one that is more inventive.

2. What kinds of workshops do you need? 

We always need certain staples--workshops on revision, marketing, writing for specific genres and age groups, illustration craft, etc. But the most important thing is for you to submit workshops that you are an expert in. What is your knowledge base? Submit the workshops you would give best.

3. I’ve submitted workshops for a number of years to NESCBWI and not been chosen. Should I stop submitting?

No. We receive over 300 workshop proposals each year. It’s a competitive process. Keep submitting and submit more than one. This might be the year we need exactly what you are offering.

4. I want to give a workshop with my friend, what are the drawbacks to submitting with a co-presenter?

We prefer if workshops are given by only one person. It saves us on costs, allows more hotel rooms for conference goers, and we want you to be the expert at your workshop. There are always exceptions and valid reasons why co-presenters might be necessary, but we sometimes reject proposals because of a second presenter.

5. I want to be on a panel at the conference, should I submit a workshop proposal for that panel?

No. Panels are generally by invite only.

6. How many workshops should I submit?

Only submit workshops that you are strong in presenting, but submit more than one. All workshop presenters will be expected to give more than one workshop at the conference. It’s even better if we have a choice of three or four.

7. I’m an agent or editor. I would like to come to the conference, should I submit a workshop proposal?

Yes! We are planning on having each agent and editor (and art director) do a workshop or be on a panel so that they have opportunities to share their expertise with conference goers.

8. I’m from outside of New England. What can I do to have my proposals be accepted?

Submit all the proposals you’d be willing to do. If you are willing to fly in at your own cost, that makes the submission more enticing. We have a limited budget, and travel plans do factor in.

9. I’ve given workshops at NESCBWI in the past, but recently, my workshop proposals are getting rejected--what are the possible reasons for this?

It could just be that we are rotating new faculty in so we can support other authors. It could mean that your workshop topics need to be updated. Please continue to offer us fresh new proposals.

10. Will you give me a reason for rejecting my workshop?

Although we would love to give you feedback on your workshop proposal, each year we wade through 300 or so proposals and it’s just not possible to respond to each one. Hook us with your subject matter, wow us with your title, and show us your expertise. Make your proposal as good as it can be!

11. Once my workshop is accepted, how should I act? What does an awesome faculty member look like?


Always act respectfully and understand that we will make mistakes on our end, even when we work hard not to. The conference is run by volunteers (some of whom give up most of their year to run the conference). An awesome faculty member is one who returns emails and correspondence promptly. One who is flexible and contacts us when changes come up.

Once at the conference, an awesome faculty member comes prepared and ready to go. Is on time to their commitments and is ready to put conference goers first. We understand that you have your own agenda while at the conference, but first and foremost, your job is to impart your expertise to conference goers in a way that they can hear it.

Thanks for considering submitting a workshop--we can’t put on the conference without you!

Please contact us with questions! nescbwi16(at)gmail(dot)com

And, finally, HERE’S THE LINK. 

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Good luck!