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Refund Policy
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  1. After the official registration deadline date
  2. Once a program has filled to capacity
  3. After a league has started
  4. Player is injured
  5. Player work schedule changes
  6. Shortened schedule due to rainouts, facility closings or other unforseen circumstances
  7. Team signed up for wrong league and notifies SFCS after the start date
  8. Weather: League dates could be changed because of multiple rainout days causing the league to be extended by several weeks

If a league does not become viable, full refunds will be given if team does not want, or cannot, be placed in another SFCS league. League times and locations are as listed. However, SFCS reserves the right to change specific league locations and operating times as necessary due to any required scheduling changes either on a weekly or seasonal basis. SFCS also reserves the right to shorten any league due to multiple weather cancellations or unforeseen circumstances without any refund or credits provided.

For sponsored teams, any fees paid by an individual for a team may be refunded upon an equal payment provided by a third party to SFCS with reference to league/location. All SFCS participants must be in good health to participate.  SFCS reserves the right to refuse any individual or team without explanation. Upon registration, SFCS league rules and regulations are to be followed by any and all team members and individuals. All participants of each SFCS league or event must sign a waiver of liability to participate. Failure or refusal to waive liability will result in non-participation for that individual and will void any refund. Printed rules and league regulations are available upon request. Failure to abide by SFCS rules and regulations will result in forfeiture of league/event participation and void any refunds.