G08 Digital Citizenship Lessons, Exercises and Discussion prompts

1) Online Safety and Privacy

Taking action against cyberbullying

What other precautions can be taken and WHY they are so important?

Looking at Case Studies from around the world (Adam and Sandra did a lot of work here)

2) Online Presence and Persona

Digital footprint management

Digital distraction / time management

Online-offline identities

3) Community Engagement

4) Ethics and Responsibility

Digital dilemmas and ethics

Does UNIS truly have a ethics code when it comes to online responsibilities and ethics?

What do we mean by ethics?



Online Reputation Consultants

(Online Presence and Persona)

  • Understand your client’s personal digital branding goals
  • Identify exactly where your client is now
  • Recommend strategies that can help your client achieve his/her branding goals

Safe relationships online

(Online Safety and Privacy)

  • Articles

Shaming, threats and online intimidation

(Ethics and Responsibility)

  • Case Study - Sexism and Online Gaming
  • Case Studies - Online shaming

What rules should govern online communities?

(Community Engagement, Ethics and Responsibility)

  • What are the implicit and explicit norms for each situation?
  • What is the difference between consequentialist, moral, and ethical thinking?
  • What if everyone acted like you? (Kantian ethical dimension)
  • Activities