“I’ve never considered myself a very intelligent person,” he said with sadness and a tinge of anger.

“I’ve always considered myself below average.”

He disappeared, molecules of self-loathing and waves of pity in his wake. I don’t know why the young man said this. He seemed resigned to something. It will likely be an eternal mystery to everyone but him, if he knows, or ever will. Sometimes our internal mysteries overwhelm us. That’s why there are therapists, priests, gurus, shamans, motivational speakers, prosperity gospelists, television doctors, psychics, futurists, cult leaders, dictators, etc.

But why care about internal mysteries when our external world is so fucked? Why is our focus so narrow?

It’s what they want; those that benefit from the internal focus - therapists, priests, gurus, shamans, motivational speakers, prosperity gospelists, television doctors, psychics, futurists, corporatists, stockholders, cult leaders, dictators, administrators, bureaucrats, economists, capitalists, bankers, brokers, presidents, congresspersons, ivy leaguers, pundits, scions of the rich and famous, etc. Those that want you trapped in your cell, your self-imposed prison where you proclaim your love for your corporate masters and borrow yet another dollar at 25% APR for yet another gadget you’ll forget you own in six months because you’ve already borrowed yet another dollar at 27.5% APR for yet another…... to fill the void.





Keep the masses pacified.


Let us spend all our time seeking our authentic selves, distracted from nefarious machinations redirecting the flow of wealth to the top, polluting every bit of soil, cutting down every tree in sight, poisoning the wells of country folk and the water supplies of cities, building a surveillance and militarized police state in case someone wakes up and catches on to them before the deed of complete and total control - the full establishment of the corporate-fascist state - is done. Goodbye USA, hello China; hello dissident artists on the run, executions of journalists, poets, and writers, torture the teachers, prostrate the professors. We are soaked in daily dread, and the complete horror of saying the wrong thing - the worst kind of censorship: self-censorship. Chairman Mao couldn’t dream of what the USA is now erecting against its citizens.

The key to successful mass production is successful reproduction of the masses. Or it used to be. Mass production is in the past; the masses no longer necessary. Welcome to the post-post-post-whatever and et. seq. world. Humans are just so much waste, polluting the landscape, lost without meaning, direction, or will, cattle to be herded about, warehoused, enslaved.

The myth of progress on full display.

Where are the cells of revolution?

If we find them,

Are they all bark, no bite?

Who is brave enough to step forward,

Tip the scales back in our direction?