12th International

Burma Studies Conference

Traditions and Challenges


October 6th-9th, 2016

Northern Illinois University. DeKalb, Illinois




Thursday Oct 6th

Pre-conference events

4:00 PM

7:00 PM

Registration Check-in for early arrivals with the Burma Interest Group Members from NIU

Light snacks and beverages are provided

Holmes Student Center Lobby (Gallery Lounge, Main Floor)

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4:30 PM

6:00 PM

Art Gallery Reception and Special Talk by Dr. Ian Holliday from the Thukhuma Art Collection

with co-curators Dr. Helen Nagata and Dr. Catherine Raymond

Light snacks and beverages are provided

Jack Olson Gallery in Jack Arends Hall room 200 (School of Art and Design)


Friday Oct 7th

Morning events 

10:00 AM

2:00 PM

Registration Check-in

​Outside Sandburg Auditorium (Holmes Student Center)

9:00 AM

11:00 AM

Meeting with Burma Studies Foundation (Trustees only)

Lowden Hall Conference Room


suggested before noon

Lunch is not provided on Friday. Please eat on your own.

 Restaurant options are listed on our website

See our conference food menu for full schedule of meals provided (last page)

12:00 PM

12:30 PM

​International Burma Studies Conference Opening Ceremony

with remarks by NIU’s President Dr. Doug Baker

and Vice president of Research and Innovative Partnerships Dr. Jerry Blazey

Sandburg Auditorium in Holmes Student Center

Friday Oct 7th


Sandburg Auditorium

Regency Room

Capitol North

Capitol South

Ellington’s-Hunt Room

Panel # 1

Panel # 2

Panel # 3

Panel # 4

Panel # 5

Boundary, Bloc, and International Politics

Labor, Investment, and the Economy

Music's Cymbals and Symbols

Approaching Colonial History: Social Problems and Culture

Organizer: Maitrii Aung-Thwin

Race, Rage, Rakhine, Religion, and Rohingya

12:45 PM

1:00 PM

Amrita Dey

Myanmar and Great Power Competition and Cooperation in the IOR

Georg Winterberger

Looking for Innovation in Livelihood. A Case Study in Mawlamyine.

Gavin Douglas
Buddhist Soundscapes: Dhamma Instruments and Divine States of Consciousness

Allegra Giovine
A sound seiq for success: self-help and popular science in Burmese handbook culture, c. 1900-1937

Nathaniel Gonzalez
Institutionalized Inequality and the Spatial Distribution of Buddhist Muslim Violence in Myanmar 2012-2014

1:05 PM

1:20 PM

Jovan Cavoski
The Asian Socialist Conference – Burma’s and Yugoslavia’s Attempt at Establishing of an Alternative Ideological Model during the Cold War

Koji Kubo

Why Does Informal Trading of Foreign Exchange Persist in Myanmar?: Evidence from a survey of exporters and importers

Naomi Gingold
What is ‘Politics’ in Contemporary Burma?  A Journey through the Academy, Burmese Hip Hop, and Burmese Society

David Baillargeon
The Commonwealth of Namtu”: British World Mining, Finance, and Development in the Northern Shan States, 1906-1935

Nevada Drollinger-Smith
Monastic Privilege: Buddhist Masculinities and the 969 Movement

1:25 PM

1:40 PM

Michal Lubina
De-politicization and Re-politicization of Aung San Suu Kyi’s International Image

Thomas F Rhoden

Burmese Laborers vs Refugees: False Narratives on the Thailand-Myanmar Border

Heather MacLachlan
Burmese Youth Musics as (Mis)represented in English-language Global Media

Maitrii Aung-Thwin
Re-visiting Community in Burmese and Southeast Asian History

1:45 PM

2:00 PM

Saw Tha Wah
Exploring Domestic Political Challenges and their Impact on Myanmar’s Foreign Policy Behavior

  Lindsay Stubbs

Railways in Shan State 

 Judith Becker
Nat gadaw as Ari priest?

Ritesh Jaiswal
‘Depression’ Politics and Burmese Nationalism: Repercussions of Global events on the Indian Immigrants in Burma (c. 1930-40)

2:05 PM

2:20 PM

Seinenu Thein-Lemelson
Fear and Silence in Burma and Indonesia: Comparing Two National Tragedies and Two Individual Outcomes of Trauma

Jorg Schendel

Economic Theory and Burmese Historical Development

Sally Bamford
Burma's Nats and the British Raj

2:25 PM

2:40 PM

Rahul Mishra
Myanmar’s Border Trade with India: A Critical Scrutiny

Martin Michalon
Pagodas and Beyond: the new face of domestic tourism in Myanmar

2:45 PM

3:20 PM


Friday Oct 7th

Panels continued

Sandburg Auditorium

Regency Room

Capitol North

Capitol South

Ellington’s-Hunt Room

Panel # 6

Panel # 7

Panel # 8

Panel # 9

Panel # 10

Languages, linguistics and social issues

Ethnic Nationalists, Monasteries, and Intellectuals Create Schools where Government Failed

Organizer: Dorothy Guyot

Ethnic Shanthologies

Society, Participation, and Representation

Political Transition and the 2015 Election

3:25 PM

3:40 PM

Patrick McCormick
Rethinking the Relationship between Language and Identity in Burma

Gustaaf Houtman

Catherine Raymond
Beyond the Glass of Wat Chong Klang at Mae Hong Son. Research on the origin of the Burmese Reverse Glass Painting Tradition

Andy Buschmann
Meaningful Liberalization or Liberalized Autocracy? An Empirical View on Civil Liberties in Myanmar’s Transition

Tong Lei
Electoral system reform in Burma

3:45 PM

4:00 PM

San San Hnin Tun
Traditions and Challenges of Working with Burmese Grammar

Ashley South and Marie Lall (Read by Dorothy Guyot)
Schooling and Conflict: Ethnic Education and Mother Tongue-based Teaching in Myanmar

Nicola Tannenbaum
Vessantara in Mae Hong Son

Myat The Thitsar
Opportunities and Challenges for Strengthening States and Regions Parliaments in Myanmar

Kirsten Taylor
Elections in Kachin State

4:05 PM

4:20 PM

Justin Watkins
An Investigation of the /s/ vs. /sh/ Distinction Burmese

Nang Mao Ceng Cett, Wint Myat Thu, and Dorothy Guyot
Schools Popping Up Like Mushrooms:  A K-12 Bi-Lingual School, a Cultural Organization, and Monastery”

John Hartmann

Who are the Shan?

Saittawut Yutthaworakool
Buddhist Nationalism in Democratic Transition of Myanmar: A Political Quest for Tatmadaw’s Power Legitimacy

Matthew Walton & Nyi Nyi Kyaw
Buddhism in Myanmar’s 2015 Elections: Charting Boundaries and Contestation of the Monastic Vocation

4:25 PM

4:40 PM

Chu May Paing
Language Socialization among First Generation Burmese Caretakers and Second Generation Burmese Children in Elmhurst, New York: Ideologies and Practices

Kyle Anderson
Parami University: A Coming Liberal Arts College

Nancy Eberhardt
Buddhism on the Border: Changing Practice in Rural Mae Hong Son

Sarah Bouchat
Careers and Causes: Participation in Myanmar's Legislature

Nay Yan Oo
A Study of Voting Behavior in Myanmar

4:45 PM

5:00 PM

Nathan Waxman
"Do Limitations in the Burmese Language impede Myanmar’s incorporation and implementation of
political and technological innovation from abroad?"

David Steinberg

Susan Conway

Textiles and protection: Shan and Lan Na


Vanlal Pari
Suu Kyi and Democracy in Myanmar’s Political Transition

Paul Sarno
The 2015 Election in Myanmar

Friday Oct 7th

Evening events

5:30 PM

6:30 PM

Exhibits Opening Reception: Kaleidoscope of Burmese Art

Curated by Dr. Catherine Raymond

NIU Art Museum, Altgeld Hall​ (5 minute walk from Holmes Student Center)

6:30 PM

7:00 PM


(cash bar)

 Blackhawk Dining Room – Holmes Student Center (Ground floor)

7:00 PM

9:00 PM


Blackhawk Dining Room - Holmes Student Center  (Ground floor)

“Milestones and Memories: Center for Burma  Studies from 1986-2016”

Presentation by former director Dr. Richard Cooler and current director Dr. Catherine Raymond

Sarah M. Bekker Prize Announcement and other awards

Blackhawk Dining Room -  Holmes Student Center  Lower Level


7:00 AM

8:00 AM


Holmes Student Center Ballroom (main floor)

10:00 AM

4:30 PM

NIU’s Burma Interest Group presents: Burmese Short Film Screening

Lincoln Room (2nd floor Holmes Student Center)

See flyer attached

Pick up some snacks at the Ballroom

Saturday Oct 8th


Sandburg Auditorium

Regency Room

Capitol North

Capitol South

Ellington’s-Hunt Room

Panel # 11

Panel # 12


Panel # 14

Panel # 15 part 1

Under the Radar: Social Taboos, Social Fringes and Unofficial Histories

Ethno-Nationalism and Political Tensions

The Role of Media in Burma/Myanmar’s Pro-democracy Movement, from 1988 to 2015: Past Contributions and New Challenges Post-Transition

Organizer: Seinenu Thein-Lemelson

Ritual Places in Myanmar

Organizer: Jason Carbine

Political transition: internal arena and external relations (Part 1)

Organizer: Chenyang Li

8:00 AM

8:15 AM

Hnin Su Mon
Sex Work, Beyond the Choices: An Exploratory Qualitative Study of Female Sex Workers in Yangon, Myanmar

Mikael Gravers & Annika Pohl Harrisson
Religion and Politics in Myanmar: Creating Communal Security or Conflict Interfaces?

 Kyaw Zwa Moe

Prisms of Free Speech, Prisoners of Conscience: Behind Bars and Across the News in Burma/Myanmar

Bénédicte Brac de la Perrière
Ritual and Place in Burma

Khin Zaw Win
New Centre-Periphery Dynamics and Their Implications

8:20 AM

8:35 AM

Sonu Trivedi
Myanmar on move...love-hate relationship and a marriage of convenience!

Aye Min Thant
Destroying the Unimaginable: Religious Genocide in Burma

 Ma Thida

Contemplating the Psychology of a People Under A Long Dictatorship Through Analyses of Their Art and Writings

Alexandra Kaloyanides
Strange Shrines: The Combinatory Religious Practices at Marilla Baker Ingalls’ Burmese Baptist Mission

Chenyang Li
The Trend of Political Transition in Myanmar beyond 2015

8:40 AM

8:55 AM

Thinn Thinn
The Gender Role Difference of Nicknames between American and Myanmar Student

Beiyin Deng
The Concealed Ethnic Diversity in Buddhist Communities: the Structural Construction of National Identity in Burma and Studies of Burmese Buddhism

Seinenu Thein-Lemelson

Panzagar or a Coercive Harmony? Contemplating 27 Years of Raised Consciousness and Burma’s Shift from Direct to Indirect Control in the Post-Transition Period

Jason Carbine
The Kalyani Inscriptions and Sima: Borders Created and Protected

Jianxun Kong
Myanmar's Public Perceptions of China: A Comparative Study

9:00 AM

9:15 AM

Diana Kim
"Morally Wrecked": The Bureaucratic Origins of Opium Prohibition in British Burma, 1870-1900 

Nay Phone Latt

Oppression and Hate Speech as Threats to Freedom

Will Womack
Zwegabin: Exile, return, pilgrimage, and narratives of sacred place in Karen State

Zhi Liu
Myanmar-India Intense Relations: Reasons and Trend

9:20 AM

9:35 AM

Tani Sebro
Necromobility/choreomobility: Dance, death and displacement in the Thai–Burma border-zone

Lisa Brooten

DVB Multimedia Group and The Struggle for Fair Competition and Diverse Media Content in Myanmar’s Transition 

Maitrii Aung-Thwin

9:40 AM

9:55 AM

Luke Corbin
Beer Signs at the ဘီယာဆို

Penelope Edwards


10:00 AM

10:15 AM


Saturday October 8th Continued

Sandburg Auditorium

Regency Room

Capitol North

Capitol South

Ellington’s-Hunt Room

Panel # 16

Panel # 17

Panel # 19

Panel # 20

Panel # 15 part 2

Local Politics and Justice in Myanmar

Religion, Orthodoxy and Folklore

 "Burma and the West: Two Recent Books

Organizer: Kenton Clymer

Mapping the ineffable and the charting of spatial narratives in Pre-Modern Burma

Organizer: Francois Tainturier

Political transition: internal arena and external relations (Part 2)

10:20 AM

10:35 AM

Gerard McCarthy
Self-reliance Citizenship and the Business of Welfare in Post-Socialist Myanmar

Friedlind Riedel
Human Nonhumans. Nats and their medial figurations.

Tharaphi Than

Lilian Handlin
Space, Real and More than Real, in 13th Century Pagan

 Andrzej Bolesta
China’s Impact on Burma’s Transformation and Development

10:40 AM

10:55 AM

Stephen Huard
What is Local Politics in Burmese Heartland? An Anthropology of Village Headman’ (s)election in Myanmar Central Drylands

Ward Keeler
The Traffic in Hierarchy

Kenton Clymer
Reflections on United States Relations with Burma/Myanmar since 1945

Patrick Pranke
Burma’s Buddhist Geography: A brief history of space in a changing Buddhist landscape

Shengrong Luo
Retrospect and Prospect of Relationship between China and Myanmar

11:00 AM

11:15 AM

Helene Maria Kyed

& Myat The Thitsar
Everyday Justice and Plural Authorities: Insights from Karen State.

Tamara Ho
Romancing Human Rights: Gender, Intimacy, and Power between Burma and the West

Tin Naing Win
Myanmar Traditional Cartography: Collective and Individual Analysis of Pre-modern Indigenous Map

Xianghui Zhu
The Decision-making of Myitsone Dam and Its Implications

11:20 AM

11:35 AM

Matthew Koo
From Insurgency to Governance: The International Determinants of Rebel Administration In
Myanmar's Multiparty Civil Wa

Panel # 18

Francois Tainturier
Mandalay’s Bodhi-tree or the Coalescing Trajectories, Sacred and Mundane, of a Relic of the Buddha

John Brandon

Religiosity, Identity and Democracy in Burma

Organizer: Khin Mar Mar Kyi

 Ye Myint Win
A Framework to Understand the Anti-Muslim Sentiment and Hate Speech in Myanma



David Steinberg

11:40 AM

11:55 AM

Erin McAuliffe
Writing Race and Crafting Power in Colonial Burma

 Khin Mar Mar Kyi
Religiosity, Gender Identity and Democratisation in Burma/Myanmar


12:00 PM

1:00 PM

LUNCH (1 hour)

Saturday October 8th

Panels continued

Sandburg Auditorium

Regency Room

Capitol North

Capitol South

Ellington’s-Hunt Room

Panel # 21

Panel # 22

Panel # 23


Panel # 24

Social Issues and Education: Histories, Policies and Progress

Visual Culture, Relics and Tools: Approaching Objects of Study

Environmental Issues, Biodiversity, and Poor People's Movements

Historical and Literary Narratives

1:00 PM

1:15 PM

Khin Lay Maung
Burma Challenges Sociology in 2016

Jella Fink
Threads Running Through a Nation – Negotiations of Past and Present in Contemporary Textile Craftsmanship in Myanmar

Debby Chan
Missing the Target: International Movement against the Shwe Pipelines

Georg Noack
Natshinnaung: Romantic Master Poet, tragic King – and Traitor?

1:20 PM

1:35 PM

Madlen Krüger
Perceptions of the Religious Other Through the Lenses of Interreligious Dialogue Groups in Yangon

Ni Ni Khet
Investigating Metal Objects and Technological Development during the Konbaung Period:
Some Preliminary Findings

Elliott Prasse-Freeman
Trapped in Mobility: Socio-political Consequences of Dispossession, Displacement, Deterritorialization, and Devalorization of Peasants and Poor People in Contemporary Myanmar

Pavan Malreddy

Narrating Burma: Beyond National Autobiography

1:40 PM

1:55 PM

Moodjalin Sudcharoen
Transnational Children from Burma: Education, Language Policy, and Multiculturalism in Thailand

Sherry Harlacher
Native Life Along the Burma-Yunnan Frontier: Turn-of-the-Century Photographs and Travel Accounts of Frederic William Carey

Kevin Woods
“Legacy Landscapes” of War, Resources and Armed Conflicts in a Biodiversity Conservation Hotspot in Southeastern Myanmar

Panel # 25 part 1

Ba Eddie Win

Mentality of the “Tatmadaw” Through the Living History

Identity, Buddhist or Otherwise (Part 1)

Organizers: Pyi Kyaw and Gustaaf Houtman

Gustaaf Houtman
How Buddhist are Buddhists? Rites of passage and the
 beiktheik saya

2:00 PM

2:15 PM

Nang Kyi Phyu Aung
The Impact of Education on Leading Changes and Managing People

Sylvia Lu
Quintessentially Burmese? Textiles Patterned with Geometric Blockdesigns

Kevin Fitzsimmons & Jean McLain
Developing a Sustainable Seafood Industry Infrastructure in Myanmar

Pyi Kyaw
Authenticity and adaptation: Responses of the Burmese Sangha to diminishing Buddhist identity amongst younger generations in the Diaspora

2:20 PM

2:35 PM

Rosalie Metro
The 2014-15 Student Protests in Burma: The University as a Microcosm of Society

Dhammika Herath
Negotiating Tensions - Buddhists in Myanmar and Sri Lanka


2:40 PM

3:15 PM


Group Photo will be taken in the Sandburg Auditorium at the beginning of this break

Please come to the auditorium for the photo first, after please head over to the Ballroom for a quick break

Saturday Oct 8th

Panels continued

Regency Room

Capitol North

Capitol South

Ellington’s-Hunt Room

Panel # 26

Panel # 27

Panel # 25 part 2

Panel # 28

Visual Art, Heritage and Preservation

Electoral Structures and Political Representation

Identity, Buddhist or Otherwise (Part 2)

Organizers: Pyi Kyaw and Gustaaf Houtman

Assessing Burma’s Armed Conflicts

Organizer: John Buchanan

3:20 PM

3:35 PM

Richard Cooler
A Buddha Image for Exorcism

Chit Win
The Institutional Inheritance of Myanmar’s Legislature (2011-16)

Justine Chambers
Reclaiming a Moral Life: Plong Karen Buddhist Imaginaries at the Base of Mount Zwegabin

John Buchanan
Beyond Rangoon and the 1962 Coup: A Decentered Approach to Armed Conflicts in Burma

3:40 PM

3:55 PM

Win Tut Kyaw
Tracing A Ba Bo Min Gaung Today

Renaud Egreteau
“Westminster Legacies, Burmese Symbols: Rediscovering Parliamentary Rituals In Myanmar”

Matt Schissler
“More than your husband”: Mixed-marriage controversies in Burma

David Mathieson
Fueling Resistance and Rebel Recruitment: Narratives of Human Rights Violations in Burma’s Civil War

4:00 PM

4:15 PM

Yin Ker
Documentation, Dissemination & Transmission: An Open-Access Database of Bagyi Aung Soe's Illustrations

Van Tran
Winning electoral support from ethnic communities: Implications for political parties from Burma’s 2015 elections

Tamas Wells
Myanmar’s democracy movement and the contest over ‘real’ Buddhist teaching

Kevin Woods
Geographies of micro-politics  in Kachin State: War, displacement and development

4:20 PM

4:35 PM

Panel # 29

Panel # 30

Ven. Ashin Janaka
Divergence of Views on the Buddha’s Path: the posthumous trial of Shin Ukkaṭṭha before the State Saṅghamahānāyaka Committee of Myanmar

Paul Staniland
Armed Politics in Burma/Myanmar and Beyond

Reconstruction, Social Transformation and Development

Traditions and Challenges: Exploring Religious Communities through Narrative

Organizer: Elizabeth Rhoads

Richard Tucker
Environmental Impacts of World War II in Burma

Elizabeth Rhoads
From Textiles to Chalk to Property: A Surti Muslim Entrepreneur after Ne Win

4:40 PM

4:55 PM

Rachel  Kallus
The Namsang resettlement plan: Integrated rural/regional development as frontier territorial politics in 1950s Burma

Alicia Turner
Mobile Buddhists from the Margins: Cosmopolitan Interactions in Colonial Yangon

5:00 PM

5:15 PM

Courtney Wittekind
Talking Transition: Spiritual, Spectral, and Speculative Narratives of southern Shan State

Saturday Oct 8th

Evening events

5:30 PM

6:30 PM


(cash bar) 

Altgeld Hall Room 315 and balcony (3rd floor)

6:30 PM

7:30 PM

Burma Studies Gala Night Dinner

​Altgeld Hall Ballroom ​​​

7:30 PM

9:00 PM

Cultural Events

 Altgeld Hall Ballroom


7:00 AM

8:00 AM


Holmes Student Center Ballroom

Sunday Oct 9th


Sandburg Auditorium

Regency Room

Ellington’s-Hunt Room

Panel # 31

Panel # 32

Panel # 33

Democratic Transition and Ethno-Religious Minorities in Myanmar

Organizer: Ardeth Maung Thawnghmung

On the Margins: Gender, Race, and Ethnicity in Burma/Myanmar

Organizer: Katrina Chludzinski

Disease, Public Health and Policy

8:00 AM

8:15 AM

Alexandre Pelletier
Democracy and second-class citizens: Chinese Indonesian and Burmese Muslims in Post-Transition Myanmar and Indonesia

Katrina Chludzinski
Identity Formation and Decolonization: The Political Manifestations of Anglo-Burman Identities in the 1940s

Juan Luo
Why Recognition Matters? Health Aid Partnership across the Myanmar-China Border

8:20 AM

8:35 AM

Ardeth Maung Thawnghmung
Democracy, Ethnicity, and Converging Areas of Authority in Contemporary Myanmar

Trude Jacobsen
Women in the Rangoon Lunatic Asylum, 1875 – 1935

Salai Biak Za Lian Ching
Medical terminology rendition techniques employed by professional Chin-Hakha <> English Interpreters

8:40 AM

8:55 AM

Jacques Bertrand
Ethnic armed groups and the “national” cease-fire: converging interests?

Nicole Loring
Overcoming Barriers: Myanmar's Recent Elections and Women's Political Participation

9:00 AM

9:15 AM

Mollie Pepper
Ethnic Women's Organizations and Armed Conflict in Burma



9:15 AM

9:30 AM


9:30 AM

11:45 AM

Round Table and Sandburg Auditorium in Holmes Student Center

Sponsored by Asia Foundation: "Prospects for Reform in Myanmar: Challenges and Opportunities."  

Chair: John Brandon (Senior Director, Asia Foundation’s International Relations Program)

 Dr. Nyo Nyo Thinn (Founder, Yangon Watch)

Dr. Khin Zaw Win (Director, Tampadipa Institute)

Kyaw Zaw Moe (Editor, The Irrawaddy)

Discussant: David Steinberg (Professor Emeritus, Georgetown University)

Followed by Q&A

11:45 AM

12:00 PM

Closing Ceremony


Day-time snacks and meals will be served at Holmes Student Center Ballroom.

Dinners are served elsewhere. See details below.

Meals will be served buffet-style

You may visit the Ballroom at any time throughout the day and eat there, or take your beverages to the panels


Thursday Oct 6

4:00 PM - 8:00 PM  - Hotel Room Lounge (Glass Gallery)

        Coffee, tea, and cookies

Friday Oct 7

1:00 PM - 3:00 PM - Ballroom

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3:00 PM - 5:30 PM - Ballroom

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Desserts - Cheesecake, Brownies,   Mousse shooters, lemon bars, pumpkin squares, vanilla ice cream

Wine (red and white)

Saturday Oct 8

7:00 AM - 5:30 PM - Ballroom

        Coffee, tea, soft drinks

        Burmese Soup

        Bagels and cream cheese

        Sweet breads

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Granola and yogurt

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12:00 PM - 1:00 PM - Ballroom

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6:30PM - 7:30 PM - Altgeld Hall Ballroom - gala night dinner

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