Installing the Export Settings

  1. Download this file and unzip it.
  2. You should end up with a folder like this...
  3. Double click the Walsworth_PressQuality.joboptions file. This will open up Adobe Distiller...
  4. When Distiller opens up, you will see the following window pop up… Click OK.
  5. You will be left with this window. If you see the Walsworth_PressQuality in the Default Settings drop down, the settings have been properly installed and you can quit Adobe Distiller.

Exporting for Walsworth Publishing

  1. Open your InDesign File.
  2. Open the Preflight window.
    This window will show errors such as broken links. Resolve any errors that are here before proceeding to the next step.
  3. Make sure there are no extra pages.
    If your page file has an extra page with nothing on it, make sure to delete it.
    You can do that as follows…
  4. If you have no problems or when the problems in Preflight window are resolved, go to File -> Export.
  5. Find a location to save your file and name the export file. Using the following naming standard…

    d5_39067_[page numbers].pdf

    Single Page (Pg. 15): d5_39067_15.pdf
    Multiple Pages (Pg. 23-25): d5_39067_23-25.pdf

    Save when you’re ready to go.
  6. At the next window, make sure the Preset is set to Walsworth_PressQuality.
    When you have confirmed settings, click Export.
  7. Your file should be saved to the location you picked in Step 4. Depending on the size and amount of things on the page, it may take a few moments to show up.
  8. Once the file is ready to go, make sure to open it and review it. Make sure there are no problems, such as photos that don’t look sharp like this...

    You may also see problems such as fonts that are not correctly exported or just general issues like typos.

    If there are any problems, these should be resolved and the page(s) should be re-exported.
  9. If life is all peachy, you’re done!