Plano and STAR Communities Initiative

Objectives and description: Plano Solar Advocates has been invited to participate with the City of Plano in their efforts to use the Sustainability Tools for Assessing and Rating (STAR) Communities. The intent of this new nationally recognized rating system is to help communities identify, validate, and support implementation of best practices to improve sustainable community conditions.

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Status: (provided in reverse chronological order below)


August 14, 2014 - LH

Two members of Plano Solar Advocates (PSA) were invited to participate in a City of Plano workshop describing the cities’ plans to use the STAR Communities program.  PSA, along with many other non-profit and community organizations, has been requested to help provide data about our grassroots projects and how they help meet the goals and objectives of this rating system.  The initial phase of the program is target for completion by the end of this year, 2014.