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Program of Study: Curriculum & Instruction, Language & Literacy

Concentration: Writing Studies  

Dissertation: Experienced Teachers’ Planning Practices: Orienting, Inventing and Envisioning

Honors: Letitia Walsh Fellowship, 2013 – 2015

  Fred S. Bailey Fellowship for Community Leadership, Service, and Activism, 2015 – 2016

  University YWCA Leader in Education, 2018

SAN DIEGO STATE UNIVERSITY, San Diego, CA, MAT July 2013, Overall GPA 3.95 

Program of Study: K-12 Language Arts & Literacy  

CONNECTICUT COLLEGE, New London, CT, BA May 2008, Overall GPA 3.72, magna cum laude

Major:        English

Honors:                   Rosemary Park Fellowship for Teaching, May 2008

                               Jay Levin Award for Leadership on the Executive Board of the SGA, May 2008

                               Judy Bailen Kateman ´65 Outstanding Senior Prize, May 2007

Licensure:        State of Montana, English 5-12 Class 1 (Current)


teacher planning, literate practice, trajectories of talk and texts, pedagogy, remediation and new media, critical literacies, curricular design, creativity and new media, CHAT, qualitative inquiry


University of Montana, Western, Dillon, MT        August 2018 - Present


• EDU 370 | Integrating Technology into Education

• EDU 397L | K-8 Language Arts and Social Studies for All Learners

• EDU 491N | Literacy and Technology in the Content Areas

• EDU 491N (Online Stringer) | Literacy and Technology in the Content Areas

• EDU 497L & 497C | Methods: 5-12 Integrated Literature and Composition I and II

University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, Urbana, IL        Fall 2014 – Spring 2017


• Spring 2017 | CI 402 | Introduction to Teaching in a Diverse Society // Our Multicultural Literature Blog

• Fall 2016 | WRIT 303 | Writing Across Media

• Fall 2015 | CI 401 | Teaching Diverse High School Students // Our Multicultural Literature Blog

• Summer 2015 | WRIT 303 | Writing Across Media

• Spring 2015 | CI 402 | Teaching Diverse Middle School Students // Our Multicultural Literature Blog

• Fall 2014 | CI 401 | Teaching Diverse High School Students  

 Teaching Assistant

• Spring 2016 | CI 473 | Literacy in the Content Areas

Plymouth South High School, Plymouth, MA        Fall 2009 – June 2013

  English Teacher        •        Design and implement unit, weekly, and daily plans for 10th and 12th grade English courses

        •        Prepare students for the Massachusetts Comprehensive Assessment System (MCAS)  

        •        Differentiate instruction within and across academic levels

        •        Incorporate technology into classroom practice

 Advisor        •        Advisory Teacher, Newspaper Club Advisor

 Committee Work        •        Authentic Assessment / I3 Grant, Core Beliefs Committee, Summer Reading Initiative Committee

 Professional         •        Technology Integration Specialist  


University of Montana Western Dillon, MT         August 2018 - present

   Assistant Professor

• Design and teach courses in literacy methods and technology integration

• Advise students in Secondary, Elementary, and K-12 programs

• Evaluate and provide feedback for teacher candidates

Education Resources Consortium, Boston, MA         April 2012 – Present

   Consulting Practitioner            

• Design and lead professional learning for teachers incorporating technology in their instruction

• Evaluate curricular practices and materials and develop strategies to improve teaching and learning

• Coach school leaders to achieve objectives, manage collaborations, and address challenges

• Maintain ongoing project documentation across all client communications

Montana State University Bozeman, MT,         Spring 2018

   Clinical Evaluator         

• Evaluate and provide feedback for teacher candidates

   Field Supervisor         

• Mentor and evaluate student teachers during their practicum experience  

• Collaborate with cooperating teacher to support student teacher

America Campaign, Missoula, MT                                                     September 2017 - April 2018

Director of Curriculum and Research

• Collaborated on strategic direction setting for all educational initiatives

• Developed comprehensive understanding of leading Computer Science curriculum frameworks

• Synthesized research in Computer Science, rural education, and teacher learning to inform conference presentations, grant proposals, and public writing

• Worked remotely while effectively communicating with co-workers and collaborators in national, state, and local partnerships

Illinois New Teacher Collaborative, Champaign, IL        Summer 2016 – Summer 2017

     Research Assistant        

• Co-design and carry out pilot research study and support ongoing research initiatives

• Work with team to plan three annual conferences supporting the needs of new teachers

• Maintain and update INTC website and Twitter feed

University of Illinois Writing Project, Champaign, IL,         

   Connected Learning Coordinator                                                                             June 2017

• Supported teachers as they developed their inquiry projects with digital tools

• Facilitated EdCafes for teachers to learn from each other

  Connected Learning Coordinator                                                                             June 2016

• Redesigned teachers’ professional inquiry project and set of experiences with technology to emphasize composing in various media and reflection on processes and products

• Coordinated with National Writing Project Massive Open Online Collaboration to have UIWP host a week of the #CLMOOC

• Supported teacher inquiry through coaching for teaching demonstrations

   Teacher Consultant                                                                                              June 2015

• Participated as a writer, listener, and creator

• Composed multiple digital projects and provided feedback and support for others on theirs

• Presented a teaching demonstration on low-risk writing and social curation

Teacher Education Re-Design Initiative, Urbana, IL,         April 2014 – May 2015

 Collaborated with faculty and staff to redesign program syllabi to align with the College of Education’s teacher education vision and Illinois state requirements

 Assisted with drafting program documents and proposals for approval at the campus and state level

Center for Writing Studies, Urbana, IL        Summer 2014 – Winter 2015

     Assistant Director        

• Organized and facilitated the CWS Brown Bag Luncheon Series

• Coordinated and supported the Writing Across Media instructors

• Designed and led workshops including Writing Across Curriculum for University TA’s

• Designed and completed archival work for Writing Across Media course

Writer’s Workshop, Champaign, IL        Fall 2013 – Spring 2014


• Advised students in all stages of writing from planning, to critiquing to final drafts and citations

• Assisted students in learning to communicate effectively through their writing

• Developed practical methods for students to improve their writing ability

Assess-As-You-Go / Scholar, Urbana, IL        Fall 2013 – Spring 2016

     Research Assistant        

• Co-designed and conducted fieldwork  

• Analyzed data from multiple sources including interviews, observations, and multimedia artifacts

• Wrote collaboratively for publication

Kwong Kow Chinese School, Chinatown, Boston, MA,         July 2008 – August 2009

   Americorps CTC *VISTA

 Developed Math/English curriculum for after school and weekend program

 Taught and tutored in Math/English in Kindergarten – Grade 6

 Crafted student, teacher, and staff bi-lingual handbooks

 Compiled full range of documentation for state licensure application

 Strengthened and expanded program capacity with the staff and volunteers


Breakthrough Manchester, Manchester, NH,         Summers 2006 – 2008

   Curriculum Specialist & Teacher

 Designed Grade 6 English Curriculum for Breakthrough Summer 2008

 Trained Grade 6 teachers and facilitated discussions about their class planning

 Designed & taught rigorous courses in English 7, Current Events, and Shakespeare to sixth and seventh graders


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Regional / Local

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University of Montana Western

        Rural Fridays Coordinator, 2020-present

        Writing Across the Curriculum Initiative, Co-Founder

        University Teacher Education Committee

        Student Support and Review Committee

        eLearning Committee


Co-founder, 2014-2017

Literacy Research Association

        Reviewer, 2014 – Present

        Member, 2013 – Present

American Educational Research Association

                Member, 2013 – Present

        Reviewer, 2016 – Present

Research in the Teaching of English

        Reviewer, 2015 – Present

University of Illinois

        Curriculum and Instruction Graduate Student Organization, Secretary, Spring 2015 - Spring 2016  

        Campus Advisory Committee for the Center for Writing Studies, Representative, 2013 - 2016

        Secondary Program and Middle Grades Programs Committees

        College of Education Graduate Student Conference, Head of Logistics Committee 2014-2015, Committee Member 2013-2014

Psychology & Society

        Editorial Assistant, 2014 - 2016


Kennett, K. (2020, July). Developing a Digital Portfolio. Webinar presented to University of Montana Western Community of Practice. Dillon, MT.

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Kennett, K. (2015, February). Curating Online Resources with Infographics / Writing from Online Sources with Padlet. Training conducted for Santa Fe Public Schools.

Kennett, K. (2015, January). “Developing Project Based Curriculum Using EdCafes training conducted for Health Leadership High School, Albuquerque, NM.

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