Playmakers and Your Event - 2016

Thank you for hosting a race in the Greater Lansing region. Playmakers is excited to be apart of your event and hopes a collaborative effort can ensure our involvement and your event “run” smoothly! Please review the information below, even if Playmakers has been routinely involved, and help us achieve success through communication and a collaborative effort.  

Online Event Calendar: Andy

We invite every race, or similar event, to post your event information on the Playmakers website.

Playmakers “Paper Registration Form” Display/Collection: Andy or Cindy

Playmakers can be a display spot and collection location for your event’s paper registration form.

Race Bibs: Andy

Playmakers has a small supply of numbers that are distributed to races on a first come first serve basis.

Playmakers Event Truck and Equipment: Jeff, Lynn, or Andy

Playmakers maintains an active role in local races, fun runs/walks, and health/fitness related events by attending many in our Event Truck and supporting others through use of event equipment. Unfortunately we are not able to attend all of the great events in the Greater Lansing Area. If you have questions about our involvement in your 2016 event, please contact Jeff or Andy with your specific information/requests.

Packet Pickup (PPU) Requirements: Brian or Andy

Playmakers has a great location for your event to host packet pickup.

Race Medals & Awards: Jeff or Andy

Playmakers occasionally serves as a medal/award distribution point for races. We recommend all races/events look at current best practices and try to distribute awards quickly and accurately at their event. Most participants are looking to leave events quickly so having a distribution plan prior to the start of the event is wise. If you would like Playmakers to distribute your Race Medals & Awards:


Miscellaneous Opportunities:

Playmakers Event Staff:

Brian Jones:                        Andy Marsh:                 

Jeff Crowe:                                Lynn Duval:           

Tim Marsh; tmarsh@playmaker                                   Cindy Erickson: 

Results: All results, or links to results, should be e-mail to Dick Hoekstra -