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The Tales of Uncle Remus. Rewriting and dubbing of application texts.


The Tales of Uncle Remus is the collective title of a series of 185 famous tales by Joel Chandler Harris. The stories, based on Afro-American folklore, are told from the perspective of “Uncle Remus”. Brer Fox and Brer Rabbit feature as the main characters in the tales.

At Trombo Games we decided to create an interactive storybook app for iOS. The specific dialect and narrative style are fundamental characteristics of the Tales, as Mark Twain noted. Preserving these features was essential, while at the same time narrating the stories in language accessible to 6-8-year-old kids.

Alconost was presented with a difficult challenge: to rework the text, without losing the “flavor”, and to record a compelling voiceover for the characters. Rewriting took a week and lived up to all expectations. The voiceover was completed in two days, during which time a single voice actor recorded all three characters: the narrator, Brer Fox and Brer Rabbit.

Here is the app itself: 

We really love kids, and it was a great pleasure for us to be involved in this “screen adaption” of these wonderful stories for them.

Stanislav Zagniy


“Really liked working with the guys from Alconost. Fast, high-quality, not expensive. Large selection of professional voices. Really impressed by the instant response from managers. Very happy that we chose Alconost for the localization of our stories.”

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