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Morgan's fist hit the console hard enough to dent the steel casing. "This is idiotic," she ground out.

The Disentangler and the Agent exchanged a look. "Surely it's good?" the Agent ventured. "I mean… Gallifrey's back. You were as excited as everyone else when Dis told us about it."

"And I still am," Morgan admitted. "But that idiot has gone and ruined things."

The Disentangler's eyes narrowed. "You're talking about Thete, aren't you?"

"No, I mean Ohila of course I'm talking about the Doctor." Morgan waved a hand through the air expressively.

The TARDIS lights turned off.

"... I should never have installed gesture control."

The lights came back up as Morgan repeated the motion. She folded her arms and leant back on the console, then held up one finger. "Not only has he brought someone who's watched the entire lifespan of the universe back to the present," she said, then added a second finger, "not only has he sent Rassilon - bloody Rassilon - out into the worlds with a massive grudge - and not a word out of you, Grey!"

The Agent blinked. "The Notary's not here."

"Blast. Sorry, force of habit." Morgan waved the thought away with a controlled, non-light-switching motion. "Not only those, but-"

"You forgot the third finger." The Disentangler shrugged in the face of Morgan's glare. "Just saying, you seemed pretty into it."

"Not only those," Morgan repeated, "but he's unleashed a living temporal fracture into the universe."

"No, come on," the Disentangler said. "I was monitoring that plotline; Clara stopped being the 'Impossible Girl' after The Name of the Doctor. I'm hardly her biggest fan, but-"

"She should be dead." Morgan gripped the console with one hand. "She's less than a heartbeat from being killed by a Quantum Shade, which, let me remind you, can hunt her anywhere in time and space."

"I thought reminding people of that sort of thing was my job," the Agent put in.

Morgan frowned. "Your job, Pink?"

The Disentangler grinned and poked her collar. "I'm the Amethyst Keeper today. He's Blue."

Morgan sighed. "This is the moment you choose to muck about with roles, Purple?"

"Oh, no, hang on," the Agent said. "She gets to be Purple, but I get stuck as Pink? How is that fair?"

"It's not." Morgan drummed her fingers on the console. "But you know what's less fair? Having all of time and space wiped out because Miss Clara Oswald gets herself blown up, or exterminated, or dies in one of countless other ways that would conflict with her established death at the claws of the Raven."

"Nice segue." The Agent shook his head slowly. "I get what you're saying, Morgan, but… isn't this an overreaction?"

"Right now," Morgan said in a level tone, "there is an American diner flying through our home universe occupied by a woman whose death would lead to a massive fracture in time - and a woman who quite possibly knows the entire history of time. Do you want to explain to me how that isn't a disaster waiting to happen?"

"There's also a artificially-generated Time Lord roaming the universe in an escape pod," the Disentangler said. "And an aristocratic thief flying around Earth in a bus. And a Silurian and Sontaran wandering Victorian London. And a Cyberman who used to be a UNIT Brigadier. And twenty million Zygons living incognito around the world. And an immortal 51st Century fake American who sleeps with anything that moves. And an archaeologist who-"

"All right, all right." Morgan dashed a hand through her hair. "I take the point. The Doctor has always been a hazard to the timeline; this is nothing new."

"That wasn't exactly what I-"

"Actually, thinking about this," the Agent cut in, "is any of this really our responsibility?"

Morgan stared at him. "You're the Sapphire Watcher. Keeping an eye on the TV series is literally your job description."

"Actually, my job description is untangling implausible crossovers." The Agent shrugged. "Morgan - Orange - you founded the Continuity Council to keep watch over the home 'verse until Gallifrey returned. But it's back now. The Time Lords can take up the reins again. Shouldn't we… stop?"

Morgan stared at him, open-mouthed. Before she could reply, though, the Disentangler snorted.

"Adil," she said, "did you not listen to what I just said? Do you really think our home timeline is stable and secure right now?" She paused, then smirked. "And do you really trust the Time Lords to look after it? Really?"

Disclaimer: The Protectors of the Plot Continuum was created by Jay and Acacia. Doctor Who, Time Lords, and Gallifrey belong to the BBC. The Agent and the Disentangler were created by Tawaki and are now written by Lily Winterwood. Morgan is mine.

Author's Note: You didn't think she'd approve of something, did you? ^_~

I think that Hell Bent was an excellent episode of Doctor Who, and I am absolutely delighted with the ending. But Morgan disagrees, and she's the one with the gun...