North Carolina Association for Scholastic Activities Competition Rules

  1. Appeals
  1. Appeals concerning procedures or other matters not related to questions and answers should be made by coaches to the tournament director. Students, parents, and other spectators should share concerns with their coach who may then approach the tournament director. Students, parents, and spectators may not approach the tournament director or staff with concerns or appeals.
  2. The tournament director shall review the merits of the appeal, consult with relevant people, and respond to the appeal.
  3. All decisions of the tournament director are final.
  4. The Tournament Director may dismiss anyone from the site who becomes disruptive. People dismissed from a site must leave the entire site campus and may not return that day. Students younger than 18 years of age dismissed from a site must be accompanied by an adult. Further sanctions against those dismissed may be levied by NCASA.

  1. Amendments
  1. NCASA Competition Rules are subject to change year to year per the discretion of the BOD.
  2. All relevant coaches will be notified via email of any rule changes made following the school enrollment deadline.