#67 - The Angry Chicken: “Oiled Up”

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Our week in Hearthstone

I’ve been playing a lot of Control Paladin and Mech Shaman. MagicAmy’s Meta Report this week had a Control Paladin deck I hadn’t played yet. Talked a lot about Mech Shaman in an article over on Hearthhead.


TAC Open Community Tournament Events (Beta):

Event will take place either the 3rd or 4th weekend in March.

Sign-ups will open to all Patreon supporters at the $5 level on Tuesday Feb 24th at 12 noon EST/9am PST. All spots will be filled on a first-come, first-serve basis.

After 48 hours if all available spots have not been filled, the tournament will open up to all Patreon supporters. If all available spots are not filled by the following Monday, March 2nd the remaining spots will be open to the general public until the brackets are full.

We will be using the Toornament.com system to manage sign-ups, brackets, reporting, etc. Event will feature a 128 person bracket using the new Hearthstone World Championship format and rules.

The event will likely take place over two weekend days with the final being live-casted by Garrett and Jocelyn after TAC on the following Monday.

More details will be announced next week (Monday Feb 23rd on the show and on the website).


3rd or 4th weekend in March, 128 person Hearthstone tournament format. Sign-ups open Feb 24th to $5 Patreon supports. Finals are live casted by Garrett and Jocelyn.


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Blizzard at PAX East

Dustin Browder [Game Director, Heroes of the Storm], Jeff Kaplan [Game Director, Overwatch], and most importantly for our interest Hearthstone’s Game Director Eric Dodds, are all leading a panel at PAX East called Blizzard Preview: Hearthstone, Overwatch, and Heroes of the Storm

The short summary on the PAX website reads: “Bold new heroes, exciting new cards, and epic new battlegrounds... Join a trio of Blizzard Entertainment developers for a look at just some of what’s in store for 2015, including upcoming content for Heroes of the Storm, Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft, and Overwatch.”

Remember that at PAX East last year, The Curse of Naxxramas was announced. PAX East was later last year (April 11th) and Naxx released in late July.


ESL Legendary Series Finals this upcoming weekend!

The ESL Legendary series has been an epic weekly tournament for months now.

Darkwonyx, MagicAmy, Zalae, Sajvz, Chakki, SilentStorm, PinPingHo, and Weifu will all be competing for part of a $20,000 prize pool. All eight players are being flown to ESL’s Studio in Burbank, California for the event.


Strategy - Rogue GvG Cards


Crazy Game Stories

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Hello Perturbed Poultry!

I participated in my first Hearthstone tournament last weekend which was an in person meetup.

My very first game was Shaman against a control-y Paladin who had some late game threats coming. I had a Mechwarper, Mech Yeti, and a Wrath of Air Totem on board he had Dr. Boom, two Boombots, and a Silver Hand recruit or two.

I draw into Rockbiter Weapon. First I drop a Flametongue totem between the Mechwarper and Mech Yeti. I drop a second Flametongue totem between the Mech Yeti and Wrath of Air Totem. Mechwarper to face for 4, Totem to face for 2, Rockbiter the Yeti to face for 11. He's now down to 8 health when I drop Crackle. The Totem adds +1 Spell Power and I hit for the full 8 damage*. My first tournament game ever ends with 4 people huddled around my opponent's laptop yelling "WHAT?!" in disbelief. It was so very satisfying

*DISCLAIMER: Please use Crackle at your own risk. Crackle is not responsible for the streak of seven 3 damage rolls that single handily lead you to drop 4 ranks on ladder. Crackle is not responsible for shattered or otherwise nonfunctional mice. Crackle is not responsible for waking your roommates up at 4 AM after a face Hunter survives with 1 health and BMs "Sorry" until rope. Crackle is responsible for crazy game stories, which is what we're all after.


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So with the release of GvG we've seen 3 shredders come our way.  (Piloted Shredder, Piloted Sky Golem and Sneed's old Shredder).  Now we all know that Sneed's old Shredder is crazy good value if you have the card as per the recommendation of (pro player name here).  And I've seen Piloted Shredder all over the place, but I haven't seen much Sky Golem (the 6 cost epic shredder).  I compared it to Piloted Shredder and as far as value goes I don't see much difference other than it being a similar effect of higher stats for a higher curve.  Maybe it's because its epic and some people still don't have it or maybe its just me.  My question is:  Am I missing anything?  Is this card worse than I think it is?  Or have I not seen it much for some other reason?


Hey chick-a-boos,

Wanted to write in to explain why card selection is good. The hunter card “Tracking” is the only instance of the mechanic in HS, but hopefully my explanation will be valuable in a general sense, too.

In short: Card selection allows you to see more of your deck than your opponent. You trade a deck slot for flexibility. When you have more options, you become better at handling more game states than you otherwise would and have a better chance at winning.

>But Dakota! What about the cards you must discard to Tracking?

They are completely irrelevant. This is a hard concept to handle at first, but it stems from two ideas:

1) The card order in your deck is a complete unknown until you draw off the top.

2) When you make a decision in a game, the correctness of that decision can only be evaluated based on the information that was available to you at the time of making it.

So let’s say you cast Tracking and it turns out that all three of the cards revealed are good. That doesn’t make Tracking any less correct to play. Consider the two cards you don’t select as being victims of the initial random shuffle of your deck. It would be no different than if those two cards were the bottom two cards of your deck. They are just cards you didn’t draw this game. In fact, the tracking scenario is probably *better* because you now know you cannot draw into those cards later in the game.

So, when evaluating Tracking, don’t fall into the trap of considering the cards you discard as a downside to the spell. It’s not. Those are just undrawn cards, no different than any other undrawn cards in the deck.

Hope I could help! And good luck on your way to Legend, Jocelyn.


Hello Friends,

                The recent discussion on the grind of the ladder has reminded me of how WoW PvP used to work.  Back in the Vanilla WoW days I had a friend who was dead set on getting the High Warlord title.  To achieve this he had to spend day and night grinding the battle grounds to keep his PvP rating from falling.  This prevented him from doing anything else in the game as time out of the BG’s meant his rating would fall.  Blizzard fixed the way PvP ranking worked in WoW so I am hopeful they do the same for Hearthstone by removing the time element.  Personally I have made it up to rank 12 in past seasons, but now I only play ladder to get up to 20 for the card back then shift my focus to the arena or casual to polish off quests.  (By the way, he did achieve High Warlord, and still sports the title to this day)


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