How to move your grades from Blackboard to SIS

To prepare your Blackboard Grade Book, follow these steps:

Login to your course and navigate to the Grade Center

Create a new Column in your gradebook by selecting the “Create Column” button

Name the new Column Final Grade

Select “Letter” in the Primary Display

Enter 100 in the Points Possible (It’s okay if your course is not out of 100pts, this is just to ensure the letter displays properly.)

For the option “Include this Column in Grade Center Calculations” select No

Click the Submit button

In this new column, enter the letter grade that each student earned. (e.g. A, A-, B+…..)

To import grades into SIS, follow these steps:

Access the final grades page for your course in SIS

Click the “Load Grades from Blackboard” button

A new column called “Fetch Status” will appear in the grades table.

Review all the imported grades for accuracy

** See the Appendix at the end of the document for definitions of the “Fetch Status”. **

Click the Submit button at the bottom of the page to save the grades

Review all the imported grades for accuracy

Check for error messages as you normally would, and you may repeat this process as necessary.

All other grading policies set by the registrar are still enforced.


Fetch Status Definitions