Syllabus and Class Information

Welcome to Mr. Williams' Language Arts 8 and Social Studies 8 Class where focusing on being College, Career and Life Ready is the main goal this academic year. Students will be challenged to look beyond the four walls of the classroom. 


Course Expectations 

Students will be working in a blended classroom environment which means that course work is done both at home via the internet and in the classroom with Face-to-Face (F2F), internet, and/or cooperative groups . Students will listen to lectures online via podcasting and/or videocasting taking notes, complete follow up activities, and/or use WEB 2.0 tools for processing information. In the classroom students will mainly focus on project-based learning activities and will look to WEB 3.0 to add rigor and relevance for College and Career Ready.

Course Objectives: 


Students with Disabilities 

Mr. Williams collaborates with the DMMS Special Education department concerning students with IEPs and Administration (Ass't Principal/Counselors) concerning 504 plans ensuring that modifications or accommodations that need to be made to curriculum are accomplished for student success.


The Murrieta Valley Unified School District in compliance with the Williams Law provides each student with course textbooks for use at home and provides an in class set of books. Students do not have to bring their textbook to and from school. Students may be issued course workbook s and these will be used at the teacher's discretion and direction.

Textbook: Kinsela, Et Al., First. Prentice Hall Literature, TIMELESS VOICES, TIMELESS THEMES. Prentice Hall, 2008. Print.

Textbook: America: History of Our Nation, Independence Through 1914. Boston: Pearson Prentice Hall, 2006.

Plagiarism and Academic Honesty 

In submitting course work students will follow an honor code that adheres to no plagiarism and properly citing information using the MLA Citation style. Violation of the honor code will result in referral to the school administration. Class lessons will be designed to show students how to properly cite information.  

Grading Information (What You Need to Know) 

It is important to understand what is expected of a student in Mr. Williams' class and how you will be assessed. The following information explains assignments, due dates, late work, and submission of work.


Due Dates


Submitting Class Work


Bring Your Own Device (BYOD)

Students may bring and use their own mobile device (SMARTPHONE, iPad, Laptop) in the classroom. Mobile Devices in the classroom are used for educational purposes only and any student that uses their mobile device in a manner that violates the school district’s Acceptable Use Policy and the classroom guidelines will lose the privilege of using a mobile device in the classroom. Students will have access to the school's Wi-Fi network so that learning moves beyond the four walls of the classroom. Students will be required to sign a BYOD Policy Guideline and turn it in.

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