MailGate Update 5/5/14

What we know so far?

At least thirteen Democrat members of the W.Va. House Of Delegates have sent out thousands of letters and mailpieces to targeted likely voters at taxpayer expense. Many of the letters contain pictures of the incumbent politicians. All were printed, sorted, labeled and mailed at significant cost to taxpayers, with our tax dollars.

The current count is at least 64,037 pieces of mail sent, as of FOIAs of documents received through 4/30/14.

In past years, few delegates sent more than a hundred correspondences to constituents in a typical session. This year, some of the most highly endangered Democrats in the House suddenly sent out thousands each, filled with issue and political topics.

This list of massive postage bills also specifically included many incumbent Democrats who have competitive primaries this May.

It’s apparent from these records so far that the quantities sent out by each member closely match certain segments of the public very likely to vote in the 2014 Primary and General Elections.

We believe these most of these lists are obviously constructed to only include recipients who were chosen specifically as likely Democrat or Independent voters, rather than random constituents or Republicans.

These figures only represent mail sent at taxpayer expense through April 18, 2014.

Additional FOIA requests for related documents are currently on the desk of House Clerk Greg Gray, to determine the actual costs to the taxpayer of printing these special elections communications, labeling the envelopes with state workers, and who provided the letters and lists that incumbent Democrats used to make these mailings to predominantly Democrat likely voters in the 2014 elections.

We have, using the state’s voter file records, matched the voters who were mailed with their local voter registration data and propensity to vote from prior elections.

It appears so far, in the cases of Dels. Walker, Marcum, and Guthrie, the folks were mailed were 95% Democrat voters or higher……...all of whom had voted in 3 or more of the last four elections. That’s a clear definition of a political mailing to extremely likely voters. We are still analyzing hundreds of pages of similar records on the other Delegates.

Jeff Eldridge (D)-H22

4942 mail pieces

Tiffany Lawrence (D)-H65

6125 mail pieces

Justin Marcum (D)-H20


7346 mail pieces

Charlene Marshall (D)-H51

2392 mail pieces

Jim Morgan (D)-H16

8269 mail pieces

Ricky Moye (D)-H29

9070 mail pieces

Dale Stephens (D)-H17

2314 mail pieces

David Walker (D)-H33

8344 mail pieces

Jason Barrett (D)-H61

3966 mail pieces

Nancy Guthrie (D)-H36

4819 mail pieces

Richard Iaquinta & Ron Fragale (D)-H48 (shared)

2400 mail pieces

Don Perdue (D)-H19

4050 mail pieces

Current Total

64,037 mail pieces

Nancy Guthrie


photo 1.JPG

Sample Page of Guthrie mailing labels

photo 2.JPG

David Walker


photo 1.JPGphoto 1.JPG

Don Perdue


Justin Marcum


Jim Morgan


Dale Stephens


Tiffany Lawrence


Ricky Moye (4 different letters)





FOIA on Quantities of Mail sent before 4/13/14.

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photo 2.JPG

photo 3.JPG

photo 4.JPG

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